Познакомтесь с Пикселем! (Meet Pixel!)

A day in the dog's playground…

What a handsome boy!

I love being at the top of the world!

Mama, please let me off-leash!

Thank you!!! Bye bye ))

I'll scare the hell out of him if I attack like a cat… :rolleyes:

Ok, time to go home


He is so beautiful!

Yesss!! Is a pretty-pretty puppy!

Thank you for your kind words ))

He is lovely, it amazes me how they use their paws to play.

Cute pics! Pixel has some great cat moves in him 😃

Great pics.
I love pic where he is attacking German Shepherd, too funy :D.

Beautiful little guy! His markings are gorgeous. The picture where he is attacking the shepherd like a cat is a riot - this is why the B's prefer playing with the big dogs - the little ones can't handle the "cat play" and think they are attacking.

Pixel is a great looking puppy, and a very active one! I wonder what the shepherd was thinking. That picture just makes me smile.

First Basenji's

I LOVE the shot of basenji vs. shepherd!

I agree, they are all cute, the "attack" photo is funny!

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