• Little Gizmo was rescued by his breed group last year. My friend Hosie adopted him in November (see: www.basenjiforums.com/showthread.php?t=7470 )

    Well, after bonding with his new friend, Hosie discovered Gizzie had a heart problem either not previously known about or not disclosed. Additionally, Gizzie was much older than the claimed 5 years. He was actually (according to the vet) closer to 9 years old. Hosie accepted he would have less time than he originally thought with his new pal. However, two weeks ago, Gizzie was rushed to the local animal hospital in Atlanta because he was having seizures. They would occur when he was very excited (like when someone came home…) and running around all over the house, barking with joy. He would suddenly collapse, seize and then, breathing very hard, skulk to his crate to rest. He was taken to the hospital because of the severity of the seizure and even "died" on the table, but they were able to bring him back. The vet diagnosed a heart murmur and pulmonary hypertension.

    Gizzie would have to be kept as calm as possible and given medication on a daily basis. The medication did not help with the situation. Gizmo didn't understand why he wasn't allowed to run around any more, quickly became depressed and stopped eating, which exacerbated the underlying situation.

    I received a phone call from a 6-foot 2-inch big tough guy in tears because he had to have his best friend put down after only getting five months to spend with him. He is heartbroken over his loss.

    Although Hosie feels there will never be a replacement for his little Gizzie, he plans to get another Min-Pin, perhaps sometime in June, but wants a puppy this time, from a responsible breeder who health tests the dogs. He is willing to pay the price for the right dog, wants a boy and will provide an excellent pet home. He already has his name picked out..."Buddy" because that's what Gizzie was to him. The new Buddy will be a truck pup in the same fashion as AJ is and y'all know how happy my knucklehead is on the truck. It's not a bad life for a dog. I have been asked to help research both breeders and trainers in the Atlanta area so Hosie can get on a waiting list for a puppy. He will want to meet the breeder(s) the sire and dam and see health certificates. He will also expect the pup to remain with the breeder for 12 weeks for the additional training the other dogs do.

    I have two requests for y'all:
    First, I know we aren't Min-Pin people here, but some of us might know good trainers in the Atlanta area. If you are one of these folks, please pass on the information to me so I can tell Hosie.

    Second: We have some rescue folks on here who say that testing and disclosure of health issues will decrease the likelihood of placement in a new home. I agree it would be more difficult, but there are families out there who will open their homes to affected dogs. However, after seeing the heartbreak my friend is going through, I could not, with a good conscience, not test and disclose known issues. I have no standing with BRAT, but would be willing to donate money for the sole purpose of testing for Fanconi on rescues so that someone else does not have to go through the grief my friend is experiencing right now. Perhaps the rescue folks can ask BRAT to set aside an account for this purpose.

  • I'm sorry to hear of your friends loss of Gizmo. When I got Buddy a year ago I asked if he was tested for Fanconi and since he was found with no ID there was no telling but as far as they were concerned she said no as they could no afford to test. So I just took my chances. As with anything thing else that was wrong there was no mention.
    The only thing you can do is see if you can take the desired rescue one wants to a vet and have test and evals done yourself before taking it I guess. I don't know.

  • Houston

    So sorry to hear about Gizmo..

  • Sorry to hear about Gizmo. My one friend has Min-pins, but I don't know if she is breeding them anymore. But, if he wants to rescue, there are some associations out there who do rescue and some of them do test.

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