R/W Basenji in downtown San Francisco

My sister and I did a long weekend shopping trip in San Francisco just over a year ago. We were just coming out of the upper crusty hoidy toidy Neiman Marcus store and to my joy, a basenji and his human mom and dad were walking into the store with him. My sis did everything to stop me from squeeling with delight. I later learned that Neiman Marcus allows 'properly behaved' dogs in their store. This basenji was incredibly properly behaved. He knew he was special, and even more because he was in a human store. He trotted with his head held high - I will never forget it. 🙂

I wonder if they allow it at all their locations. The store was probably thinking about allowing toy breeds and those pouches one can carry them in. I would have loved to have seen this B going into the store. He really must be a special and spoiled B.

lol, part of me has to giggle at the thought of a basenji in the Shoe Salon at Neiman's - where prices start around $600. Lol

Yes, that was a very spoiled basenji for sure. While we were in the store, we saw a very proud looking black Standard Poodle too. Here in the Vancouver area, we have a store call Holt Renfrew that is very 'upper crust-y", and I have seen dogs there as well, though no basenjis. The area around the store has a lot of very expensive condos and many of the people living in them have pure breds of all sizes. People want to take their dogs wherever they go - nice to see that times are changing, and that a dog is a family member.

First Basenji's

Heh… speaking as a Bay Area resident, I can say that many local stores are dog-friendly, and it's not necessarily dependent on how expensive the merchandise is. I've learned since moving here that you can almost expect stores to be dog-friendly by default (not necessarily restaurants). There's even a website devoted to promoting such practices, http://www.fidofactor.com.

I've brought my dog into Home Depot, Half-Price Books, the local Tool Lending Library, the frame shop, record stores, just to name a few places. There are at least five generously-sized dog parks within a 20-minute drive. Rumor has it that there are more dogs in the city of San Francisco than children. This is one thing I really love about this state!

First Basenji's

here in england its not a sight thats seen very often…......they are rather a rare sight. loads of them at the basenji shows tho. we have ours as a pet, prefering not to show.but do go to the odd show to meet other basenji`s ... wing commander (winco) is the name ofour boy.his breeder has Royal Air Force backgroung haha

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