Basenji/Beagle mix??

Do you think my rescue dog, Millie, is a Basenji/Beagle mix? She is 2 years old, and weighs 18 pounds. She yips, howls, rarely barks, has the curly tail, initially dislikes other dogs that she meets, very territorial, very loving, sleeps a lot, plays very hard, and is very loyal and sweet. I love her to pieces! She does remind me of a cat's personali0_1576694311967_Millie1.jpg ty.0_1576694322675_Millie2.jpg 0_1576694330184_Millie3.jpg 0_1576694337224_Millie5.jpg 0_1576694340567_Millie6.jpg 0_1576694343443_Millie7.jpg

Very possible, a dna kit might tell you. Beautiful either way!

There is a good chance that she is a Basenji mix... I don't have a solid guess about what she might be mixed with, but I'm curious why you think Beagle(?).

What a BEAUTIFUL dog! She is gorgeous! DNA test will verify her lineage. Whatever she is .......who cares - she’s precious! 🐾

Seems likely, gorgeous!!!! Thanks for sharing.

Love her and her personality to bits. It does not matter what breed she is, if she fits into your family, she is a winner in anybody language. If you need to know, a DNA test will give you clues what you have.

She's gorgeous - Probably Basenji in there somewhere, yes, Beagle though ? only the colouring might suggest it. Try a DNA test if it really matters !

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