• Hi Everbody, I just joined this forum today. I have a new little Basenji. Her name is Gracie. She is 9 weeks old. I am amazed how fast and agile she is. I can hardly keep up. I have been around dogs all my life. Mostly large breeds. I have raise Irish Setters and have also owned Labs, Blue Tick Coon Hounds, and Weimeraners. Puppies in the large breeds are a little slow and clumsy, not this little girl!! Just amazing. I am trying to potty train her, which is a slow process. I too have had 2 times where she peed on the couch. I am trying to teach that it is off limits. She plays for about 1 hour and is ready for a nap. Very energetic, I just love her. 🙂 Although I am 56 years old and she keeps me on my toes!! Anyway time to go, have to check on the little girl.
    P.S. She has made a close friendship with my Blue Tick Coon Hound named Blue 🙂 . I have posted a picture of my wife and myself with Gracie.

  • Welcome to the forums! Where did you get your basenji? Many of us find we have basenji relatives.

    As for development, basenjis do seem to develop physically more quickly than other breeds. By 8 weeks, they often look like miniature adults and are very collected for their age.

  • Welcome to the forum Golfrules and Gracie. She'll keep you busy alright. Just be patient and use positive reinforcement for the pee training. Take her out right away after sleeping and when she pees outside give her a treat and praise. Positive reinforcement and a sense of humor and you and Gracie will do fine.

  • Welcome, a gentle basic obedience class is a very good thing to help you and your lovely girl learn to talk to each other..it will also help with her socialization to other breeds.
    Glad you found us.

  • Welcome to the forum!

  • I saw that pic and though, "who has time to lay down with a new b puppy?"

  • Welcome to the forum, is Gracie a brindle, she's a pretty girl.
    You are right about Basenji pups being energetic, fortunately they like to sleep too.
    We have just got a Basenji Pup who is 9 weeks also, i am so pleased we have a crate 😉
    As Ivoss says the pups are well developed and look like mini adults.

  • Welcome to the forums. Gracie looks adorable!!

    Have Gracie take a pee break, before, during, and after play as well. When my Kate was little, I went to the fabric store and got some rubber backed flannel stuff used in baby cribs and used that on the couch/bed until she was reliably potty trained. Easier to put that in the washer than to have to spot the couch and worry about residual scent.

    Best of luck with your little cutie, Gracie. Some day you may change your screen name to gracierules:) after she has taken total control of your house and your life:D.


  • Houston

    Great to meet you Golfrules and Gracie. Sounds like you have really found a gem.

  • Welcome to the forum. What a pretty girl - she'll keep you all fit!!

  • Yes, I should change my forum name to Gracie rules. She is at this moment on my lap trying to put her feet on the key board.:rolleyes: She is a brindle, I got her down by Wichita Kansas. A little town named Harper KS. About an 8 1/2 hr drive from my home. I actually heard her bark today, really surprised me. Usually she has more of a wale. Very high pitched. Couldn't believe such a little dog could make such a loud noise. I am going to post a couple more pictures of her. We have 5 acres fenced, so she can run to her hearts content. Today she was with the big dogs and went way out into a corner of the field she had never been in. I couldn't find her and was starting to roam the area when her she came around the corner running as fast as she could, with her little ears down really hauling. Really cute! She has such beautiful feet, really refined. So next time I post I will change my name to GracieRules. Sorry for the blurry picture with my other dogs. That is my Blue Tick Coon Hound named Blue, the other dog is Bucky a Wiemeraner. She is playing with the big dogs:). The other pictures is her sleeping in the sun on a warm afternoon last week.

  • Do you know, did her sire/dam have the fanconi test done?
    If not, you will want to.

  • What is a Fancion test??

  • Fanconi is an inherited kidney disease that can be prevented by doing a DNA test on the parents prior to breeding.

    For information on the disease check out this link:

    For infomation about the test check out this link:

    If you know the registered names or registration numbers for Gracie's parents just type them into the Search field at the OFA site, http://www.offa.org

    If they have been tested their results will show up in the database.

    If they have not been tested then order a test kit for Gracie, https://secure.offa.org/cart.html

  • golfrules, this test is very important to you. It will let you know what to expect for the future.
    Its worth the price to know if your dog will get sick.

  • Can it be done on the puppy? I don't have access to the parents.

  • Oh, yes, order the cheek swap…use it on your girl and in a bit of time, you will know.

  • Just how does one order this cheek swap? At my local vet?

  • No, my friend, go up and read lvoss post. Do what is says. It will let you know what the future holds for you and your beloved Gracie.
    Please, do this. Its a bit of a hassle. So worth it.

  • I understand now. I visited the site and will order the test tomorrow. Geoff

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