• Well, okay, the photo of AJ has nothing to do with where we are, but it's an awesome one of him saving me from the Monster Baaaaggggg…....

    Okay, City specific...

    State clues:
    This state has the highest literacy rate in the nation.
    It contains a body of water that covers more than a million acres, but is not deeper than 34 feet anywhere.
    Has a city named for a type of storm that is impossible to occur here.
    Has another city (town) named for a body part, spelled backward deliberately.
    Has four professional sports teams, all with the same spelling anomaly.
    This state was settled by people escaping religious persecution.

    The city:
    Has a law against walking on the street carrying a violin in a paper bag.
    Has another law prohibiting the use of trombone players to play on the street to advertise an auction.
    Is named for the body of water mentioned above.


  • Some clues are leading me to Salt Lake City, Utah. That is what comes to mind first, but all of the clues don't fit.

  • Anyone want to go to Levan?

  • Good job you had AJ to get that bag Belinda 😃

  • Hamez: You are correct on both counts…but you'll have to point out which clues are incorrect for either the state or the city.

    Would you like to pick up extra credit for the spelling anomaly in the sports teams? And perhaps venture a guess as to why the anomaly is there...?

    P.S. Ms. Thunderbird: I was terrified that bag-monster was going to get me in my sleep until AJ took care of the problem once and for all....:eek:

  • I'm thinking Florida, but not sure if the rest of the clues work with it

  • Sports teams is getting me… isn't there just the Utah Jazz?

  • Oh, with the sports teams, there is the letter 'z' in the names

  • Jazz, Blaze, Grizzlies… but not sure of the last one

  • Houston

    Great picture..he is a good bag killer..;)

  • Starzz of WNBA and Buzz of Minor League Baseball, which I believe has changed its name. Some say the use uf the 'z' is to honor the Jazz, some say it's because it's the Beehive State and refers to the buzzing of the bees.

    We are in Salt Lake City.

    The city named for the impossible storm is Hurricane. Levan is, indeed, navel spelled backward and was so named because it is in the center of the state. The folks who adhere to the teachings of Latter Day Saints and the Book of Mormon came to Utah to be left alone in their church practices.

  • I enjoyed this - thanks for the fun!

  • Sorry I was taking the clue to literally. Just using my own brain power and not Google, I knew there isn't a baseball team. So I was figuring NFL and MLB. Then after a searching I saw the list of teams. I love games and puzzles.

  • All you clever people - of course you have an advantage over me who has never been to the USA and I'm ashamed to say am not very good at geography!.. mind you that's anothere thing I've learnt from the forum as I look up the various places in my atlas where you live and mention.

    What fun - why don't we have a Basenji quiz!!

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