Animal crualty case in norway involving basenjis

  • New update in this case. High court rejected her apeal! We're so happy! But its not over yet - she is not giving up dogs, so she is on the move to sweden. I don't know how the swedish law is regarding this case. The swedish kennel club and basenji club are notified, and I dont think there is anymore we can do now.

    Trics owner is very happy with him, but she is not a "forum"person.

  • I believe this is the lady Ariel was taken away from.


    EDIT: Yes, after reading through this topic I am almost 100% sure it is. Especially reading about the freezer, the owner told me about that.

    Thing is this Aud, lady had stolen Ariel. She had not payed the breeder for her. Ariels owner managed to track down that she was from a Swedish breeder, and once the breeder heard of Ariel she wanted her money!

    Last from what I heard she (Aud) has already several new dogs, all bought from Sweden…makes me sick.

  • @NerdyDogOwner:

    I believe this is the lady Ariel was taken away from.

    If she is a young, red and white, basenji female - she is Tric's mother. Are you the owner? Or is the owner on this forum?

    More info - please! 🙂

    Edit: Aw she is beautifull! 🙂

    New Edit: Yes, I know the story, and it is Trics mum. Its horrible. Aud has several new dogs, and she is in a hurry to move to sweden, if she stay her, the police will take her new dogs since she is not allowed to have dogs. I was in contact with the leader in the swedis basenji club and got info on Ariel and her father (who is also Tric's father). Hope Ariel is doing well and finally have got the home she deserve. 🙂

  • Yeah, she is young, around 17 months. Was breed with pretty early, and with her father if I remember correctly. I don't know what the seriousness is when dogs are inbred, but I would have Tric fully tested…

    No I'm not the owner, just know her via the dogpark.

    Yes Ariel has a great new "mom". That other dog you see with her is a new member of the family, and Ariel LOVES him. She has a great new home, I can assure you that.

    I don't have much more info, what is it you want to know? I did make a topic with several pictures of Ariel and Gizmo.

    EDIT 2:
    Do you have any pictures of Tric? I know she would enjoy seeing a picture.

  • Tric was never intended to live with me, and he got a new home in trondheim around easter, he has two sisters, one in kristiansand (r/w) and one somewhere in vestfold (tricolour) I know the owners. I've told Tric, Totiki and Limas new owners everything I know so how much they will test them is up to them.


    And Tric with Kasko and Kahlo (my two dogs)

    And I am SO glad to hear that Ariel has a good home. Really! 🙂

  • A happy ending for Ariel and her pups, thanks for sharing. Hopefully that awful woman will be banned wherever she goes!

  • Houston

    I know that one the swedish basenji forum/yahoo groups I am a member of she is mentioned and warned about..I sure hope she doesn't have any new dogs..she needs to be put away..but if Norway is anything like Sweden, the crime has to be way more severe then stealing a dog or breeding unethically..such a shame.
    Thanks for the update Anette.

  • I know for a fact that she has at least 3 dogs - rumor has it that it is 6 or more. I guess she has a timelimit to rehome them or leave norway or else they will be removed from her, again. I'm starting to feel sorry for her, she obviously have no idea that what she is doing is wrong… its just sad.

    Just the idea of breeding a 6 months old bitch with her own father... I'm out of words.

  • I would feel sorry for her as well, but she is doing damage to dogs. My heart is always with the dogs who have no control. I hope someone can get her away from animals and keep them from her.
    Maybe then she can get the help she needs.

  • That is my hope too, that she at some point will realise that she needs help, and then maby someone can help her.

    It feels a bit useless to save the basenjis when she just went out and got some new dogs - but for the dogs we got away from her, it probably made the difference between a life in neglect and a good life, so then it was worth it.

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