Lead me not into temptation

this is a work in progress done in pencil of my pup, deoji of the jeodis….to the right, where he is staring resentfully, will be my husband's hand holding a tissue (hence the name "lead me not into temptation")

hope you all like it

Oh my god, this is AWESOME! How Basenji that is! You are a great artist, fountainhead!

😃 love it, the expression is just right

Hey, I know this sight 😃

Great drawing.


Wonderful drawing..you have talent.

Cosmo and I LOVE your drawing! Great B and Great Artist! 😃

haha…that's so funny irena. I'm glad you all liked it...I can't wait til I get it finished.

Drawing great looks like it could come to life.

Rita Jean

You are so talented! I love it!!!

Beautiful drawing…great "character study" !

First Basenji's

I love it!

And I have seen that look once or twice 🙂

Excellent drawing!

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