AJ Off-Lead

First: Did I hear someone call me? Where's my cookie? I'm a good boy!

Second: Nice muscle tone… Can I enter Mr. Universe?

Third: Nevermind...I'll just go for America's Next Top Model. Check out this profile!


With muscles like that he should of surely won Mr Universe

He is a great boy and obviously on his way for the title (no.3)!

AJ - get your human to call up Dogatella Versace and Christian Diog - I think they are both looking for a new male runway superstar!

Looks like Mr. AJ is in top shape to me. You don't make him run along side the truck do you? 😃

Ms. Kipawa: Maya was auditioning for Play-Dog here… www.basenjiforums.com/showthread.php?t=8119. AJ was not to be outdone and now has decided to pose for Play-Bitch.

Mr. Nobarkus: His job is extremely time consuming and physically demanding. It's very difficult to decide between deep sleep or a long nap. We've been working on multitasking.

AJs Human - my husband and I just had the best laugh over that picture of Maya. Thanks for that link! Yea, and everyone thinks Basenjis don't know how to relax.

AJ is BUFF ! He must have figured how to keep in shape by chasing bunnies in his dreams.


Wonderful pictures..he is so pretty.

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