• Hi,
    I'm glad to have found your forum. We've been owners for a while, but recently lost our beautiful female. We've been trying to push through so our kids don't get too upset, but our male is freaking out. They were completely bonded and we're considering adopting an older lady. We're basically looking for information to help ease the introduction process. It's been great reading about all the love of the basenji breed. I also love all the pictures!

  • Welcome to the forum, i'm sorry to hear about the loss of your lady Basenji. Is the pic of your Male, what's his name?

  • Welcome to our group - condolences on your loss. Tell us more about the male.

  • This picture is of our male Cahootz at Christmas. He's just about twelve, still loves to run like crazy and snooze in the sun.

  • Welcome to the forum. Sorry for your loss. There's a subject thread on this forum titled "Rainbow Bridge" if you would like write something special about her. There are a number of people from FL on this forum that you can connect up with.

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