• Last year i had plans to get a basenji this year. But because of financial problems i have to wait a bit longer to get one. Insted of see this as a bad thing, i can improve my knowledge about this breed.

    I had plans for a red male. But now i have been thinking. What color the future dog will have I almost dosent bother. The most important thing is it will be a healthy and happy dog.

    But what is the diffrent between a male and female basenji? 🙂

  • There has long been a saying for Basenjis…. the girls have an agenda, the boys don't have a clue!

  • My experience is that boys are very sweet and loving…girls can be that way as well, but the term Bitch is a valid one.

  • Most of my experience has been with females. When I was a child, all of the dogs my gramma kept were girls. Bubbles was a bit snippy, but all the others were sweet, playful and liked people. Even Bubbles was okay after she was around you for a while.

    AJ is the first male I've ever been around for any amount of time. He's very sweet, affectionate and intelligent. He's my Velcro dog. He is, though, Basenji through and through…he only does things I want him to do if it's in his own interests and only when he's had a moment to think about it first.

  • My Tyler was always more laid back than Katie (the attention seeking monster). Her behavior is summed up as the good, the bad, and the ugly….only she never heard the 'good' part:)

  • I found the females to be more protective and careful then the males. 1 male I had would love to challenge any large dog to a fight while the other is Mr Playful AKA Buddy.

  • My 2 basenji girls are definitely more independent than my basenji male. He craves human interaction - my girls are very much "love on their own terms".

  • I agree with Pat and Sharron! Boys are sweet and easy going (unless they are challenging some giant male dog!) and girls, well, there is a lot of grrrrrrrrr in "girl".

    Boys will usually forgive and forget, girls may forgive …...but never forget.

  • I think you will love and cherish which ever, whatever color you get. The female I have now is very loving, sweet-natured and the cuddliest basenji here. I have found what's most important is the bond you create with your dog. But I will say my female at 20 pounds is a better size (for me) than my 26/28 pound boys.

  • Oh, I should have added, that boys do better with girls and girls do better with boys - that's just sort of a usual rule. So if you already have one dog, might want to focus on the opp sex.

  • I think our male must have been the exeption, he certainly did have a clue and manipulated us ruthlessly all his life, but we loved him so much.
    We are having a female Pup this time so time will tell

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