Is it normal for females to mark territory

  • I have noticed that when Sandie is let out front or even when we are walking the neighborhood that she loves to smell the mail boxes, and remark the places i know are places males have been. Its not even a full squat like females do just a half way squat and a short squirt.
    She also does this in the hall way to my husbands shop ( thank god that area is tile) if he locks her out from going with him. She does not do this in any other part of the house. I was just wondering if its a act of dominanace.
    Also kinna off subject but it there a foot spay out to use to clean feet, I wash her feet but they stink still, hate to say it again but it smella like fritos.

  • As for the frito toes, it is just a dog thing. I have no idea, it's not just Basenji's my boxer has frito toes and I know other breeds have the same thing. I think it has soemthing to do with the sweating from the feet????

    As for the marking, I have seen females mark, even a few lift thier legs. I'm not sure about her doing outside your husbands shop though.

  • My female golden retrieve mix does the same thing, quick squat and squirt, anywhere another dog may have been.

    I STILL don't get the frito feet thing, thank God! My dogs feet just smell like the dirt in the yard – which smells nothing like fritos, LOL.

  • Yes, it is normal for bitches to mark… my girls (I have three at home) mark all the time... and usually over top where the last one went... on walks or at shows/lure trials, they will mark over top other Basenjis....

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