• My husband and I are thinking about adding a third basenji to our pack:D!!! We have been looking on BRAT and have found a few that we are interested in but we dont know if it would be better to add another male or another female. We already have a boy (Dane) and a female (Bella). Bella seems to be the alpha although Dane will let her know when he has had enough. Which do you think would be better for a third B?

  • Woops,,,,,,,,put this on the wrong thread

  • Okay, Luvsmy2bs, it's official. You've gone {B} crazy!

    Three? Three? LOL Definitely nuts.

    And oh! How I'd love to add another!

  • I know, I know it sounds crazy!!!! I NEVER thought my hubby would go for it but he did!!!! We have a son who is a senior in HS. and I think we just have so much love to give that we want one more. Although, we have a tri, a black and white would love to get a red and white so I told Brian my husband that if we get a the third all we would need would be a brindle to round out the bunch!!! I think he will put his foot down at three though!!! 😉

  • LOL, I have two r/w's, and would love to get a dark brindle AND a r/w brindle.

    Dh is pretty adamant that these are the last two dogs ever {he retires in 12 yrs and wants to be "free" to travel unencumbered}.

    heh heh heh, we'll see….......

  • I've thought about the same thing… THREE! Lucky you for having a supportive hubby!! I would think it'd be easier to find a laid back guy to fit in with the two you already have, as females are usually alpha.

  • I want a red and white, too - would make three, weee! (sigh) ppl who know Duke, thought I was nuts for wanting another just like him. If (when) I get a 3rd would confirm it!

  • We had the exact same situation. Our female was mostly Alpha, but since they were siblings, our male exhibits some Alpha traits at times and they are kind back and forth. We ended up getting another girl which I think will end up being the Alpha, but I am not sure if it matters that much in the end since everything will be out of whack until they get the order settled themselves.

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