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Here are a few pictures of my Basenjis. The red and white one is Hunter my male. The black tri-color one is Angel my female.

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Hello my fellow Basenji lovers
I live in Winona, Minnesota.
I have two Basenjis, a Male red and white, and a Female black tri-color. Their names are Hunter and Angel. They are from the same litter and they sure act like brother and sister with their constant bickering. They are the funniest dogs I have ever owned and they make me laugh everyday when I am not having to scold them for doing something naughty. They have the most personality of any other dog I have known. It is funny to hear stories from other Basenji owners that match my stories exactly. Thanks for letting me be a part of this community and keep the stories comin.

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Sounds exactly right to me. This is exactly what they are doing. I feel a whole lot better knowing that there is nothing wrong with my Basenjis because I live them so much. Thanks everyone who replied, you were a lot of help. Also I am glad someone mentioned one running into the other one and getting pissed cause that is another time the aggresion occurs.

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My two basenjis will constantly fight aggresively with each other while outside in the fence when they see my neighbors and their dogs outside. is mostly a lot of screaming and up on two feet wrestling but it sounds like they are trying to kill each other and it is very loud. Every time I go to work outside in my yard while they are in the fence they will do this and I always want to yell at them to shut up but it never makes a difference. My neighbors have asked me more than once if that is normal behavior for their breed and always just say that I cannot stop it. They get along with each other in the house and always play with each other but outside they act like enemies. Please help if you are having the same problem so that I know I am not the only one.

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You can definately see the Basenji in him by his colorings on his body and especially his face with the broen eyebrows. His neck is also long like a Basenji.

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