• My niece had to help one of her beloved viz's, Morgan, to the rainbow bridge today. It's her first loss. I guess I just needed to post this to give Morg some sort of lasting memory. This loss weighs extra heavy on the heart as it's her first.

    Run free Morg. Find the Snork and play until we get there!

  • My heart goes out to you so sorry about your loss. Give your niece a big hug. Take care.

    Rita Jean

  • Houston

    So sorry to hear about Morgan..your niece is in my thoughts tonight..it is never easy to loose a loved one, but the first is always worst…

  • It is never easy to let them go… but it is a wonderful act of kindness that we can help them (regardless of the breed) over the rainbow bridge where they will live forever in our soul. So the are never truly gone, because their hearts are in our soul forever.

  • The first is the most difficult as you think they'll live forever. That decision to help them over is very, very hard. Morgan's spirit will be with your niece forever.

  • Sorry for the loss of Morgan. Vizlas are beautiful Dogs

  • Thank you all for your kind thoughts. I'll be passing these on to her in a few days. She simply can't handle it right now.

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