Dogs in the white fluffy stuff

We have been snowed in today so took some pics of the dogs in the garden.

Like the pictures that last one is really good. Looks like to me that maybe someone made a tree spot for the babies.

Rita Jean

Beautiful pics :D. I like snow, but B's don't share this enthusiasm with me :rolleyes::D.

Very nice pics of the Bs in the snow.


Very nice snow pictures, I really like the last one..

Great pics, i too like the one of them under the Christmas tree

Thanks all:D The bit under the tree is the only bit of the garden that didn't get any snow so that is where they head to get out of it:rolleyes:

Great pictures!!! they seem to like it!!

Great pics, especially the last one 😃 😃

Hi Jenny, love the pics. It is funny how Basenji's love the snow!!

Great pictures. The last one looks like they ate all the snow so they could have a little den snow-free. My B starts shivering when the temp goes below 60 F! Obviously B's raised in a northern climate are a tougher bunch.

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