Hey! This white stuff is cold on my feet!!!

  • Snow is really late this year, but tonight it started snowing. So this morning, it was time for Voodoo's first walk in the snow. Hadn't seen any snow yet, so was curious how he would react to it. But he wasn't really intrested in it. Just got outside and did just like he allways did. Like there wasn't any snow at all…

  • Nice pictures. I like snow but really, shouldn't come til at least mid December and stop by mid Feb. 🙂

  • @DebraDownSouth:

    Nice pictures. I like snow but really, shouldn't come til at least mid December and stop by mid Feb. 🙂

    I agree!! it's way too early for the white stuff!

  • Beautiful photos, though. Funny how Basenjis look so lovely in the snow even though they seem to hate it. Except your, of course!

  • Heh, we just had our first snowfall this weekend as well. Kananga took one step outside and immediately turned around wanting to go back in. He must have really missed the snow from last season. :o

    Voodoo seems tolerant, I think after awhile they sort of get used to it. If nothing else, it certainly motivates them to do their business quick. One of the few perks of the snow/cold.

  • Voodoo is one great looking dog in his Hurtta winter jacket! Lovely pictures you have taken!

    No snow yet here on the west coast of BC, Canada, but are temps are getting very cold and supposedly we will have our coldest winter here in a long time.

  • It was about -10?C (14?F) today, and was snowing the whole time. But we have been walking for 3 hours today, and he didn't had any problem with that. Only when it's dark and cold, he doesn't really like to go out. Then it's just quickly doing his business (and checking out the kennels with the Alaskan Huskies that are in heat :rolleyes:).

  • Is it just me or do B's seem to be afraid of the dark?? I know mine don't really seem to like going out in the dark either.

  • Both my boys have been visibly worried about the dark. My girls not as much. It is mentioned as a Basenji trait…...dark in Africa is not a safe time for a small dog to be on its own. Maybe that's why they like to sleep with their owners?

  • Mine is always extra cautious in the dark, always hesitant to walk in certain directions.

  • 🙂 So cute! Blah… this wait is killing me!! I love his jacket, too.. who makes it?

  • As Kananga said we've had our first (late) snow here in Minnesota. My two were antsy at the door that morning as usual. Until I opened the door … Gossy the Elder just ran out like nothing different, but Teddy the Child immediately put on the brakes! He wanted to follow her so bad but clearly didn't know what the white stuff was. But soon he was off and running and now couldn't care less. Ha - just wait til our usual frigid cold arrives!

  • Years ago I saw a huge fight over the "afraid of dark" issue with basenjis. No one won.

    Dark isn't safe for most animals though, Africa or anywhere. Personally, I have only had 3, none care. In fact have never had a dog afraid of the dark except our rescue poodle who was geriatric and forming cataracts. My daughter, however, who is not from Africa, used to be afraid of the dark. I suspect fear of the dark is innate in many species, so I don't dismiss it. I know this same debate has gone on with Chows also.

    I will tell you this, just because it scarred me and I want to share.

    Many years ago in a human anatomy and physiology class, the teacher told us to think of the times we were out in the dark and THOUGHT we saw something out the corner of our eyes but when we looked directly, nothing was there. He said, guess what– at night, you actually CAN see some things better out the corner of your eye-- so don't bet it wasn't there.

    Gee thanks.

  • I wouldn't dare to say he is afraid of the dark. He just seems to not like going out when it is dark. And it's only the first few meters outside that he shows that he is not that happy with my decission to go out. If we walk a bit further, he seems just fine with it and happily trots besides me.

    Maybe it's because most of the time I have to wake him up to go out early or late in the day. That he is still sleepy and a bit pissed off that he had to get up again, to go out in the dark. Or maybe it is so that he is a bit afraid of it, but that he get over it pretty quick once we are out. No idea actually, but a good question.

    And the fact that you can see some things better out of the corner of your eye when it's dark, I noticed that many times, but never thought about it. Gonna pay a little more attention to that the next couple of nights I think. 😃

  • I swaer mine are truly afraid of the dark. My boy even more so than my girl. If you go outside with them, well then they aren't afraid. That just means I will save them if they get into trouble….right mom?

  • -22 here with at least a foot of snow on the ground. Pretty soon we will be driving the Ski-doo around the yard making them paths to walk on. Poor guys go out there and come back in hopping on three feet (sometimes two). Sometimes I have to make the big rescue and go out there and pick them up. They come cruising thru the doggy door and straight to the wood stove to warm up. They better not need rescuing in a couple of weeks. I have to go for knee surgery and I don't think I can pack a dog while on crutches!!!

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