• I'm sure I'm not the only Basenji mom concerned about how to get Arlo enough exercise in this cold climate. We have too much snow and temps. too low for walking. Snow boots don't stay on. Our only real exercise is Basenji 500 around the house. Any ideas?
    Also has anyone been able to train their Basenji not to chase their cats? (Actually probably great exercise right there, but the outcome is unacceptable: scratched up nose and bites and a mouthful of fur and traumatized kitties.) I know they are prey motivated but he grew up with these cats. I have not had any success so far. no matter how they try to give him a lesson in feline authority, he still has no fear of them. So Arlo and cats lead separate lives. They could enjoy each other's company so much. So any suggestions? By the way these cats have always had dogs in their lives so I always figured they would adjust to this guy, but they are chased anytime Arlo has access to their "domain".

  • Hi!
    We're having some weather in PA and having some of the same exercise issues. Mrs. Walters is a year old and if she can't get a good walk in first thing she can get a little stir crazy. I do my best to give her as much people playtime as possible on those days especially. I think what makes a real difference is that we make sure that she's really got something good and special to chew on. It helps a lot. Bully sticks have helped occupy her time on bad weather days. As for the kitties. We have literally been going 'no kitty. Kitty doesn't want to play.' since we brought her home. She gets a time out in the crate if she doesn't listen. It's so cute when she really tries so hard not to play with kitty! She does this little dance next to her. She really tries! But all bets are off if the kitty runs. We make sure all the kitties have dog no go zones where they can feel relaxed. It's tough but training a cat is useless and training a basenji.... you'd better have some good treats, lol.
    Having said that another feral moved in and we've been taking care of her. She LOVES the dog. They spoon and then play 'chase me chase' me all over the house. Sigh. I'll post (spooning) pictures.
    How old is Arlo? Can you 'time out' crate him if he chases?

  • The "Basenji 500" is pretty much our Sarge's only exercise, there is the seek and destroy trot around the house when he's bored or mad at me. Being east of Lake Ontario and easily being able to keep 3 or more feet on the ground all winter, exercise is very hard also but when it freezes on top he will get on top and run wild as long as his paw's can stand it. Good luck with the cat situation, I can't imagine that combination...poor cats.

  • @jhewell thanks for replying. I think I need to give him more people play. That's what I was doing initially when winter set in here but I think I got as dull as he got bored. Thanks for the little shake. I used to live east of Lake Ontario in Camden. Burr!

  • We live in Ontario and we are buried in snow and ice at the moment. Not taking Ember for walks is simply not an option because she comes to our office everyday and the basenji 500 is just not acceptable work place behaviour. The best winter boot I have found for Basenji's are Xtra Small Muttlucks. Your basenji will hate putting them on, but they won't be screaming because they have salt or ice in their paws. With her muttlucks and a warm coat, she can go for her regular walks. She also likes hiking trails in the winter and is comfortable without her boots on. Hope this helps!

  • Sorry to hear you guys are in the cold. I do find it slightly ironic that as I write this my wife is up on our apartment roof catching some rays with Darius. This is why I would never go back to living in a cold climate. Wrap up warm all 🙂

  • My Basenji George got his first bloodied nose from my cat, but now he doesn't take a lot of notice until they start chasing around the house. George was 10mths when we got him and my older cat, Henry who gave him a bloody nose was about 8 and Pickle was only a kitten. I was worried at first and had to keep an eye on George. Now they even sleep together on my bed. Providing the cats don't touch him they are all fine together.

  • George Doesn't get the exercise he did when he was younger. I was fitter then and took him to a park where he would run like the wind with a friends dog. He would also play with my other dog tug of war. Now he is 7 yrs and my only dog. I am not able to walk too far but George is far too busy searching out food, then he sleeps most of the day. I take him out 3 times a day but his passion for any food or black sacks can become a problem as with hunting, when he has the scent there's no topping him, swerving traffic to find his goal. Big problem but it's unfair to keep him tethered. Here in the South of England we don't get much snow but plenty of rain which he hates.

  • @aileen said in Winter Blues and Cold Feet:

    I'm sure I'm not the only Basenji mom concerned about how to get Arlo enough exercise in this cold climate. We have too much snow and temps. too low for walking. Snow boots don't stay on. Our only real exercise is Basenji 500 around the house. Any ideas?

    What kind of snow boots are you using? I found most of the boots are not very good, but then I discovered Muttluks. If you put them on correctly they seldom come off. My boy used to run loose on my farm wearing them, and never lost a boot. Worth a look if you haven't tried them.


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