• Just a few pics of todays walk around a little icy part of the lake.
    Bad weather over here. Just cold and rain. You have to watch out where to step on 😃

    So much ice… :eek:

    Just try a step. Wasn't here water to drink last time???

    Zuri is brave, too 🆒

    Was there a bird?!

    Cold feet :p

    My little princess :o

    Thabo observing the area 😃

    Treat? TREAT?!

    That was it of todays morning 😉

  • Beautiful pictures. Those 2 have very intense eyes!! 2 guys died here in California trying to rescue their hunting dog that had ventured on the ice and fell through. Be very careful!

  • I love Thabo's eyes. 😃

  • Beautiful pics. Thabo's eyes look almost blue!

    I would also be careful with the ice.. not only falling through.. but also injuries because it's so slippery…

  • Yes, of course we are careful! 🙂
    Knowing the lake for many years and checked the ice before letting the dogs on it (even if Thabo is sometimes faster…).
    We had very cold temperatures for some weeks now and even my husband could stand on it 😉
    I'm not so afraid since we walked over the really big "Chiemsee" in Bavaria some years ago. You could walk to the islands, where the ships normally go to :eek: But I am always a little bit scared...
    And the normal ground is as slippery as the ice at the moment. B's are used to it (and don't like it much - as myself, too :rolleyes: )

    But thanks for caring!!! 🙂

    Thabos eyes blue? It must be the light 😃
    (Or Zuri hit him :p )

  • blue… More yellow.. But just so light!

    I've heared of some dogs with major injuries from walking on the ice.. So I would never let them on it.. But of course it's your own choice. 🙂

  • They both look so nice looking out over ice water. That really makes me cold just looking at pictures.

    Rita Jean

  • Houston

    They are truly two beautiful brindles…I love how intense both of their gazes are..

  • ****** Can I ask where you got Zuri's Collar. I HAVE to have one, STUNNING!! ******

  • I bought the collar(s :rolleyes: ) in a german onlineshop.
    But they only deliver to european countries, I think.

    We have more shops like this. If I see one who sends to Hawaii, I'll tell you 🙂

  • Aww darn! Well I ordered Maverick a collar that style, but I couldn't find the same design of course, but WOW, Beautiful!! (I went with the plaid lol Pics to come once it arrives) Its hard to find websites that will ship to hawaii 😞 haha

  • First Basenji's

    What pretty dogs … and LOVE the collars they wear!

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