Winter, dogs, fun,….


The cutest face


let s get ready to pose

Hey, I saw her 2 months ago for the last time and she looks more mature now 😉🆒. We're looking forward to see you in Brno :D.
And beautiful pics, by the way :D.

Yes, you are absolutly right, she became so much adult in last weeks….except her puppy face 🙂
See ya in Brno!

Beautiful snowy pics of all your Dogs Petra, i especialy like the second one of Mody, she looks like she's got a cheeky grin


Petra, your dogs are all gorgeous, those pictures were beautiful..I especially like the last picture with the three dogs. Is the spaniel (?) in the middle yours too?

Hi Petra,
the spaniel belongs to my mother and as I spent christmas holidays at my parents house, I took her with us for the walks for sure. They are super team, always playing and running together:)

Great photos, thanks for sharing.

Wonderful pics. Mody looks pretty as always! 🙂

Thanks all for coments. I add some pics from next day, winter dissapeared, dogs and fun stayed:)

Beautiful pictures!!!

Mody and her friends look great… very great!

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