• OK, well I know that to many, winters in No California have nothing on the rest of the country… (being a Pa born.. I know winter)... however you are hard pressed to make my B's believers that it is colder then it is here.. and when the heat goes on.. there is a rush to the vents...

  • lol that is too funny, we are having a very cold spell in Florida too (and I'm from Canada so I am used to cold!) and my B was not too impressed that she had to go outside in that kind of weather lol…I thought for sure she was going to hold it until the cold front passed!

  • Although EL D is used to the cold (he was born here in Minnesota), every now and then I'll find him in the bathroom sitting directly in front of the heating vent (thankfully doing nothing - or at least not when I peak in).

  • My hubby works nights, and when my Sahara went out last night to greet him, she also goes to the potty while outside. Well, it was in the 30 degree area and he said he has never seen her go potty so quick, that it hardly hit the ground and she was flying through the doggie door. haha!!!!!

  • Dash is the same way. However, the other day I was standing out front and thought–he won't go far from me since it is so cold out I will let him run around a bit while I am out talking with friends.

    He took off like a bat out of he**. Luckily he always comes for cheese. At least he got some much needed exercise. He didn't seem to mind the cold as he was running 100 miles an hour.

  • What amazes me is the B's hate wet and rain, but seem to love the snow and don't seem to mind it get's them wet.

    Crazy dogs anyway:rolleyes:

  • LOL! Great photo…

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