MY Basenji and Bananas… The Story...

So after seeing the MOST adorable video about a Basenji NOT so interested in a Banana, I thought Id see if MY basenji Likes bananas… So here was my attempt...


After a failed attempt, I gave the Banana to Aiden, since he SURE DOES like Bananas!! And then…....


WELL WELL WELL, I see how this goes down, Favorites inDEED!! lol. So In Conclusion….


Yes, MY Basenji DOES Like Bananas… But the Server, he is a little more picky about :))

That was very, very cute! Thanks for sharing!

Yes I love the video's look's like Aiden and Maverick rule pretty good together I like that.

Rita Jean

If its good enough for Aiden, its good enough for Maverick 😃

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