Christmas 2009 Pic

New to the forum. Here's a pic of Radar & Nami. They're brother & sister (or as I like to call them - womb mates.) They'll be 4 years old on Dec 29th.

What a cute picture - phrase is perfect! AND, we are wondering if we dare even put our Christmas tree up this year - checking with whomever answers to find out if their dogs bother the tree? I envision broken ornaments, the tree tipped over, the lights dragged all over the house - we would hate not having our tree though - any decoration suggestions?

I like your card real sweet. This Jaycee's first Christmas I am not to sure about tree. May need one of those old hugh baby playpens put tree in to keep it safe. LOL.

Rita Jean

Great Picture and the title… ... GREAT


What a sweet card..I love the womb mates..

Welcome to the forum. What a great pic, the caption is just right.

LOL, welcome to the forum!

Awww, that's a lovely picture. 🙂

Great picture and caption!
My previous beasties all left the Christmas tree alone - but I also didn't hang any ornaments near the bottom and worked the electrical cord up into the tree a little way so not so distracting. Not sure what Gossy will do - anything that reflects light will grab her attention. I might have to put up the expen around the tree to keep her out!

What a funny and sweet card! 😃 Great idea! 😉

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