This is way cute

He is adorableā€¦Ibizan mix?? Somebody at that shelter needs to take another look at the dog book šŸ˜‰

I agreeā€¦looks like the front half of a Basenji attached to the back half of an Australian Cattle Dog and then painted to match. Cute dog!

Sure looks like a b to me, no way this is an Ibizan..
maybe a mix, but wow, shelters can get these dogs so mislabeled.

Has BRAT been contacted?

Yes, and Liz is a major player in the BRAT system. So, I sent it to someone who was not on the forus , and Liz will see this post, I am sure.
The issue is, we are so very, very short of foster homes.
If we have no place to put any b in trouble, we CAN'T take the dog into the system.


O he is adorableā€¦but Ibizan..maybe, defintely a little (or a lot of) B in the woodwork somewhere, don't you think?

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