Hello from sweden

Hello! I don?t have any basenji yet. But I have plans for my first one next year. I?m looking for a red-white boy. And I want to know everything about these beautiful dogs.

I?m sorry if my english sometimes is bad.


Welcome to the forum! We got Mirtillo from Sweden! 🙂

Welcome to the forum, its a great place to learn about and just enjoy Basenjis

Hello and welcome to the forum:D

Welcome to our group! Here you will find the good, the bad, and the ugly about having a basenji in the house. Be prepared for laughter and crying and having your heart stolen by them.

Welcome to the pack!

Welcome to the forum! Don't worry about the English we'll understand what you're saying.


Welcome to this wonderful place of knowledge, great pictures, and funny (and sometimes maddening) antics..
I am from Boras, although since -91 I have been living in Houston, TX..
Did you already find a breeder or are you looking at some in general?

Be sure to keep us updated…by the by, we love pictures, so once you get you little bundle, be sure to share as much as you'd like..

By the way Basenjimamma is our official Swedish translator.

Welcome to the forum.
Here are some users who are from Sweden or own Basenji from Sweden (including me :D).

Hello and welcome to the forum. We are looking forward to hearing all the information about your new basenji baby boy!

Thankyou everyone for a warm welcoming 🙂

Im looking for a breeder only in general but in next year im gonna look a lot harder for one.

And of course im gonna show him for the world when im get him 😃

Welcome to the forum. Lots of great information here already but also a lot of knowledgeable people to help with any questions you may have in your search for your new friend! Keep us posted.

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