Rue the tough Chihuahua….

They need to get that little dog her cart ASAP. She will wind up wearing holes in her chest and the bottom of her jaw if they don't get her one soon. As she gets a little older she's gonna get more active!

I've seen dogs with carts before, and most of the time they take to em like a duck to water and never look back. It's very touching and rewarding to see em wheeling around like greased lightening when they could hardly get around at all before.

What a great pick-me-up (pun intended) !

Here's another like that.
The story of Faith.

Great story's both of them looks like they are both are very lucky. With the chihuahua going to home with vet as the owner I would say it is very lucky.

Rita Jean

I think the retriever mix would make an excellent therapy dog. She seems like she has a beautiful temperament. And the baby chi has a future.

Thanks for sharing these, guys.

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