• Thomas and I met this little guy while visiting my grandmother. He lives with a lady next door to her. He is about 8 weeks old in this picture. He and his siblings were taken from their mother at 5.5 weeks (accidental pregnancy) and given to various people down the street (the owner of the mother lived down the same street) and then he gave away the mother. We felt sooo very bad for him because his new owner had him in a cardboard box on the porch (it was hot) with nothing but a blanket 😞 and a saucer of water. She told us "He is the runt of the group, if he makes it, he makes it, if not, then he doesn't." Rggghhh, why are some people so stupid when it comes to animals!? We spent about an hour both times we went to visit my grandmother, and we talked for a while about taking him without telling her, but I suppose that's be wrong 😞
    I don't know what she is thinking leaving him out there because she left her pet bird on her porch in his cage and a hawk found a way to kill it SHE SAW THAT HAPPEN, yet she thinks a hawk wouldn't want to mess with him?
    He plays very rough, when we played with him, he growled a lot and even though it didn't hurt because he was SO tiny, we could tell he was biting nearly as hard as he could and shaking his head. He was rowdy for sure. Probably so lonely and bored 😞
    Just had to rant about it…

  • Very cute little guy. Since the owner doesn't seem to care what happens to the pup, would they consider selling him to you for a few dollars? If so, you could buy him then turn him over to rescue.

  • Well, we haven't asked her personally, but my grandmother talks to her every day, and I asked my grandmother if she thought the woman would sell him to us, and she said no. Apparently, she thinks what she is doing is normal and she wants to keep him. Sort of like just something to have around it seems…

  • Wow, this will be one messed up little critter. Breaks my heart what some folks do to animals.

  • Agreed. When he is older and unsociable and difficult to train she will not want him anymore, but it isn't HIS fault.

  • I probably wouldn't be able to sleep at night seeing what you saw and not doing something. You could always try to contact the local ASPCA or "dog warden" to issue a warning about the poor pup…

    Best of luck to you and the babe

  • If she's just been leaving him on the porch, couldn't you steal him away at night and say nothing? Maybe the hawk could be of the two-legged variety?

  • Well I suggested snatching him away to my fiance and he "refused to steal a dog" and I called my grandmother today and she says that the pup actually stays inside with the woman usually and that she just puts him on the porch from time to time…still not OK, I'm just not sure what I will do about this yet... I will be going to visit in on Monday, and I will check out the situation while I am there.

  • Sadly Louisiana doesn't have laws about the age you can place puppies. 😞

    Sometimes I hate people. The term is benign neglect… often seen in the old days and very rural areas where the attitude is you do the minimum and if the animal survives, it survives. If not, oh well.

  • Hm, only twenty states are on that chart, I am surprised that there are not more..well..sort of surprised and sort of not surprised. And yes, that seems to be the perfect term for what she believes because she pretty much said that exact thing. I see many people around here who have an animal outside in their yard and think that because they give it food and water and spend minimal time playing with it that they are doing a good thing. A neighbor that I had once had a dog and a goat in a small enclosed area, maybe about 20x20 feet? I never once saw the dog taken out of that yard in 18 years- no lie. My grandparents (not the ones who live next door to this woman) have a lab in their yard- the yard is rather large and interesting with a pool and a large dog house and plenty of shade, but still- I don't think she has any heart worm or flea prevention and never gets to go inside. She got pregnant because a stray lab "jumped the fence" and my grandpaw built an enclosure in the yard for them and did the bare minimum and then sold them. He didn't even keep their area clean, I had to fuss at him or do it myself. They were filthy and hot. He sold them and sent them off (he kept two- as if he needed to!) when they were 6.5-7.5 weeks old. I fussed at him for that, but I'm not sure of the lack of socialization they were getting with him or the poor living conditions were the worse situation to fuss over. Also, my uncle has two tea cup poodles and I went to see him the other day and they were infested with fleas and covered in "flea dirt" YUCKKKK. They live inside at least, but it just blows my mind to pieces how some people think. Apparently, the bare minimum is the norm for too many people.
    Sorry, that was long…

  • Sigh, I feel your pain, Megan. I have relatives I wouldn't give a stuffed animal to. Including one sister. I actually contacted all the Chow rescues in her area with a "do not adopt" letter. Yeah she takes care of them while she HAS them, but she swaps dogs like most people change underwear. I don't know where she got it.. whole family of responsible pet owner. Grandmother was not only a midwife but the person all the hunters brought orphaned (ie they accidentally shot the mom) animals to (raccoons, deer, rabbits…). LOL, you know in Japan and some other places (I think even NYC) they have "rent-a-pet" programs. That's the only pet she should have.

    But many people see all animals them as "just animals".. their value is food/fur/guarding and if they are feeding them, giving minimal care, wow aren't they benevolent. 😞

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