• I know that sounds a little odd but … we were sorting donated food at my church recently for the thanksgiving and chirstmas baskets that we give out to those in need and I had this great idea. I asked the lady who works at the county food shelf if they would accept dog food and her eyes lit up and she said absolutely.
    So here's how to prevent a rescue from happening in the first place ... go out and buy a bag or two (small bags are okay) and take it to your local food shelf (you might have to call first as not all will accept pet food) or church charity. The poor have pet companions too and need our help so their pets don't end up in the shelters. I challenge all my forum friends to help out.

  • A couple of my local pet stores do collections once a month for pet food for local food pantries. So I ALWAYS donate a bag or 2 of food when they are there. I've been doing it over a year now. And one of the pet stores I go to in Portland does a food drive one week a month for the local animal shelters and I buy a bag for the drive as well.

  • That's a great idea! My school's National Junior Honor Society does a food drive every year. I'll ask the sponsor to include dog food as well for the local no-kill shelter.

    Wizard, thank you for the idea!! I'll give you and this wonderful forum all the credit:D

  • I too have done that… it is a great way to help those in need

  • Houston

    What a great idea, I love it. We do have a few stores in our area that will take donations, but it usually is for shelters, not for people in need, if that makes sense. I will ask our church and see what they say, if not Houston Food bank.
    Great idea..

  • I do a K9 5K every year, sponsored by the City of Renton Community Center. They take donations for the City of Renton Senior Center. I know how important my pups are to me and can't imagine losing them if they were my only companion.

    I will double my efforts this year. I am grateful for my life and all that I have. Thanks for the challenge!!!

  • Great idea! Thanks for posting this Wizard.

  • Our local Humane Society collects dog food donations (even opened bags) for distribution to those who can't afford to feed their pets. I try and drop off a bag once in a while, but I forget. Thanks for the reminder!

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