• Went to see Blue Man Group a while back. They were really good.

    There is so much movement with their performance, it's hard to get a great photo with my old point-and-shoot. The rules were I couldn't take my big camera in because it has exchangeable lenses. So I did the best I could with that old Konica-Minolta.

  • I have seen them twice. Once in Las Vegas, and the second time in Orlando Florida.

    Really great show. But I was a bit disappointed that the second time was 5 years later, and they still had the same bits in it. I would have to say it's a One Time Only type of show.

  • Houston

    I haven't seen them live, but what I have heard from friends is very good. But you are right, I am not sure I would see them more then once…now Cirque Du Soleil..that one I have seen three times, and every time it is different..and awesome.

  • Saw it in Chicago @ (what else) The Chicago Theatre a few years back. It was a great interactive show for all ages.

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