Hello from Pennsylavania!

So i am new to all this but i love my dog Harley and i love talking about him since he's so amusing. We bought him from a puppy store,and the clerk told us he was a shiba inu mix. Well me and my fiance have been curious since then to find out that other part of him. I have done my research and have browsed millions of pictures and articles and have come to find there is a huge chance he is infact a basenji. I have posted a picture of him to get some feedback from actual basenji owners to see if he has similar aspects. From playing on his back,to eating the most unuasual things,oh and the yodeling as loud as he possibly can he is a great dog. Thanks for any input, it is much appriciated!


:eek: What a cutie!!!!!!! B or not, please don't stop posting pics! 😃

He is cute, but I would think more of a shepard mix

I would have to see the whole body of the dog..front and sideways to give a guess.
BUT what a cute face!

thanks for all the quick reply's! i will post more pictures when i get on my home computer.


ohh. absolultely adorable, what a face..

Boy what a cutie! He may very well have Basenji in him - those ears are so big, and his expression is delightful. I'm sure he will bring you lots of joy.

Basenji Mix

What a pretty baby! I am in the same boat as you, oh, and I also live in Pennsylvania!
I want to know about my dog as well. The vet said what she thought my little mutt-puppy is, but I want to know what some owners think!
I LOVE Harley's ears!!

He's so cute-and those ears! He should grow into them though.

Adorable. Doesn't matter what anyone says, keep the pics coming.:)

What a pretty face and the ears speak to me of a Basenji. I am with others who cares mix or not just a little love. I have Shiba when I can see more pictures let you know if there is that look from what I can see. Sweet puppy.

Rita Jean

First Basenji's

He is adorable!!! And yes … I think there is the Basenji in him. Give him a huge hug from me! 🙂

Welcome to the forum, Harley is very cute

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