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  • Hi everyone,

    We live in the rainy Lower Mainland of BC, Canada and brought home our two eight-week old Basenji pups on the Cdn Thanksgiving weekend 11 years ago. Bajorans Tri and Tucker Me Out (tri boy) and Bajoran's African Violet (r&w girl) have been in our lives since we trekked out to see them when they were five days old. Tucker passed away suddenly on October 6th, likely due to his liver, a problem which had been present the past four years, but which hadn't affected his enjoyment of life until the very end.

    Both lure coursed for several years, earning their Field Champion titles, and Vi was shown to her Cdn champ before being spayed. Tucker had earlier success at coursing, but decided not to run after the bunny after a fall on a muddy course in his 2nd season. He never quite earned enough points for his Field Champion Excellent title but would usually keep me company at the start/finish area while everyone else ran. Vi did make Field Champion Excellent while earning two Best in Fields and being awarded ribbons longer than she is.

    They have spent very little time apart. While Tucker was at the vets being neutered at six months of age, Vi managed to destroy/soil the contents of her crate (twice) and chewed through six metal window blind slats out of "concern".

    While crated in the beginning, when they grew out of their "teenage" years around age 2 and have had very few incidents in the house, although Tucker was fond of certain baby teething items…We've been very lucky that both were extremely patient with our two toddlers (in exchange for the odd unattended ginger cookie or cheese stick). Not sure when or if we're going to be ready for another dog - much will depend on Vi's reactions and needs but perhaps in time??? I have to admit I've been to the BRAT site and checked out the boys up for adoption...


  • My condolences on the loss of your Tucker. He sounds like a great boy.

    I understand rainy "wet" coast. I spent three years just to the south of you in Bellingham.

    Welcome to the crew. Perhaps put Tucker's story in the Rainbow Bridge section?

  • Welcome and my condolences also.

  • Houston

    Welcome Elaine and my condolences to your loss. It sounds sudden and so sad.

    Hope your enjoy the community and share some pictures.
    The BRAT site is addictive, owning basenjis is like Lays potato chips, you just can't have just one…LOL

  • Welcome to our pack! Very sorry for your loss. Hope you can find another beastie to fill the void.
    (I used to live in northern Idaho and visited southern BC frequently – lovely country)

  • Welcome from the UK and my condolences for the loss of your boy.

    I do hope you'll be able to adopt another soon and Vi will have another close companion.

  • Hi everyone,

    Thanks for all your welcomes and condolences…I can't believe it has been almost six months since Tucker passed away. Well, sometime this coming weekend we will once again be a 2 Basenji household and fingers crossed we will be able to hear the thundering sounds of a B-500 on/off/around our bedroom soon! We are fortunate to be adding a 3 year-old retired brindle male show dog who is the grandson of the all-time leading lure coursing Basenji in Canada (Desher)...Vi and Tucker used to race against Desher and I've always had a soft spot for her. Will post photos when Dream is safely on board and everyone is settled.

  • Congrats on picking up another basenji for your team. And yes - I am in Ladner and it was just downright ridiculous today. I have grown up on the West Coast and the storms last night and rain today are the worst I think I have ever seen. Bet your b's don't like it either!

  • Kipawa, if you thought the other day was bad, how did you like today? Someone was playing a late Aprils Fool joke on us as we went out to the Chilliwack dog show to pick Dream up in the sun, then returned to the lower mainland to a wind & rain storm where we introduced him to Vi at a local park dodging falling branches and mud puddles. Overall it has been a good first day and our daughter seems to have gotten off to a good start as Dream likes her and vice versa. Vi has mostly ignored Dream after telling him who was boss. He is especially nervous around my husband who is quite tall, but warmed up enough to me by the end of the night to lie up against me and to get a belly rub. Forgot how hard these guys can pull when they put their minds to it. Will be interesting training Dream not to counter-surf, eat the carpet fringe, take out the kids toys, jump on the table & pull at top speed…this 3 year old is reminding me how much time & energy we put into 2 pups almost 11 years ago!

  • Lighthouseparkb, it totally was ridiculous - I went out grocery shopping and came back home looking like a crazy woman, with hair spun up in a frantic bee-hive. We have some large trees behind our cul-de-sac and they were literally bending 30 degrees. Our patio cushions had flown into our pond and our cherry tree out front almost got totally denuded.

    Wow, I didn't know there was a show in Chilliwack. Despite the weather, I would have driven out to see it. Was it an all-breed show and were there many basenjis?

    Just like the female to tell the male who is boss. It sounds like Vi established herself pretty quickly. After all, Dream is the new kid on the block and should listen to her. Interesting how Dream appears to be a little nervous around those who are not vertically challenged. Perhaps your husband can crouch down a little to make him feel more comfortable, though it sounds as if the belly rub is going to result in good feelings about his new home.

    Did you ever walk Tucker and Vi along Ambleside Park? There is quite a popular place there for purebreds. Not that only purebreds can go there, but my sis takes her chow there and says all of the dogs there are 'status' dogs, as she calls it. 🙂 She has seen a basenji there on occasion.

    How lovely to have a fellow basenji lover in my neck of the woods. I'm going to the outdoor show in Auburn (near Seattle proper) at the beginning of August. Any chance you and your 'kids' could make the trip there? It should be a wonderful event.

    Now hunker down and batten the hatches - it could be even a wilder night.

  • The dog shows in Chilliwack run all weekend through Monday at the Heritage Park just off Hwy #1 - Google the site & April 2010 dog show and I think you can pull up a link to the judging schedules. Not that many Basenjis entered (4-5 each day).

    Dream was good overnighting in his crate and Vi didn't even bother coming upstairs to ask for a spot in bed (not cold enough). Vi is still snarking but was fine when we started them on their walk this morning as I made sure she went through the door first and then handed the leash over to my husband. The kids are learning that a younger Basenji wants to be more involved with them, AND their toys so they are learning fast that picking up after themselves is not just to keep things tidy, but a survival issue for their stuff : )

    We took our B's to Ambleside Park once in a while, but preferred to go up into the mountains and do hikes around Cypress Mountain instead.

  • Would have taken a drive out to Chilliwack, but it looks like I have already missed today's basenji judgings. The hound group always seems to be judged very early. I am usually up by 7 or 7:30, but wouldn't have made it in time. Of course had I known about the show, I could have planned to be up at 5 or so, not a problem for me as I would just hit the sack earlier.

    Vi seems to just be asserting herself at the necessary times (going for a walk) to let Dream know where he fits into the scheme of things. I like where you mention that your kids are now having to pick up their things or lose them to a happy young dog. That made me laugh. What a way to keep your house clean! Hikes around Cypress Mountain would be so much fun - do you let your dogs off leash there? How are your dogs with recall? I don't think I will let my basenji off leash unless we are walking in a huge open field and he is excellent with recall. I just would be devasted if I lost my dog.

  • Welcome.

    WOW did you ever have a storm yesterday!!! I follow the eagles in your area (Hornby and Sidney). Sidney lost a nest and thought they lost a male, but he just now showed up. Hornby nest unknown status as power is still out there. You're lucky to live in such a beautiful and wildlife filled area.

    Welcome home Dream.

  • Dream has decided one of his missions in life in this household is to take my 3yr sons favorite stuffy toy (a monkey that's seen MUCH better days) - my son can't sleep w/o Tico so this should be interesting. Dream pulls like mad on leash as he's not used to regular walking but we've been going through the house with a leash clipped and doing the foot stomps at the stairs & doorways to reinforce who is alpha. He is starting to learn the sit too so all those obedience courses with Tucker and Vi are still rattling around somewhere in my brain!

    We used to take our B's to off-leash parks, and up in the mountains where there were no other dogs or vehicles. Had to be careful in open areas where bears might lounge, but otherwise there were some nice routes that woud take around 2 hours…you'd never see the dogs again for the rest of the day after getting home as they'd be out cold (much like after lure coursing). You can never stress enough that a tired Basenji is a good Basenji!

  • Can I ask who you got your new basenji from? There are few breeders in British Columbia. It actually surprises me.

  • Dream is from Orru Basenjis in Ladysmith (Vancouver Island). They have retired from breeding but we used to lure course against their Basenjis when Tucker and Vi were competing. I knew Vi would not take as well to an "all on" pup so if we got another Basenji, it would need to be an adult male, and one that Vi could meet and get along with, which would make taking in a rescue a bit of a challenge. The Verzyls had two that fit the bill and the family met both around Christmastime and Dream was the best personality fit. Tucker & Vi's breeder has also retired from breeding, and the newer breeder when we were lure coursing moved to PEI (I think). The only one I'm aware of locally now is Terrarust.

  • Dream was in the backyard doing his business this morning pre-walk and there were 3 bald eagles circling above. I think that helped him decide not to explore much and bolt back indoors! All the rocks I lugged in to reinforce the base of our chain link fence has not been put to the test yet, and the squirrels are wisely staying clear of our yard for now. Even if the dogs never test it, if it stops the occasional skunk from coming in it was worth it! Vi was skunked in our backyard about 4 years ago when I was just getting over morning sickness w/child #2.

  • Oh how I envy your place of living. We live on the 'we(s)t' side of Scotland and have some lovely scenary and wildlife. I have an obsession with Bald Eagles and Killer Whales and dream one day of visitng your neck of the woods to see them in the wild.
    Your Bs sound wonderful. I'd love to do lure coursing with mine but there's not a lot of it in this country.
    Welcome to the forum. 🙂

  • My Ty was skunked last year, and Katie last month:eek: Hope now they have learned their lesson–--the skunk, too!!

    Would love to be able to see those eagles. I'm on the wrong side of Illinois. They prefer the Mississippi River to Lake Michigan:(

    Is my envy showing:o?

  • Deb is a nice lady and George is hilarious!

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