Baxter, made me cry happy tears

Had to stop watching i am afraid to say 😞

First Basenji's

That was so sweet…. but I knew I should have waited to watch it until AFTER I got off work.

Ok Sharon that really made me cry what a great dog Baxter really is one of a kind love.

Jaycee's brother Chance goes to homes like Baxter he got his cert at 6 months.

Rita Jean

As I am headed toward 60 and each day is a gift, I find this type of video comforting.
I don't want to be around, if I can't take care of myself and my dogs, and having the comfort of canine love at the end, will be welcome.
Hugs to you all.


Wow, what a beautiful moment with Baxter.
Such a special dog and special person, Baxter's human, Michelle.
Thanks you so much for sharing, I balled… very Petra typical..I am a softee.

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