Sitting pretty

My husband gets a kick out of the way Zoe never quite sets her butt down on the ground when she sits. The last pick he told her to sit and that is as close to the ground as she would get he said she stayed in the position for a few minutes. Of course the ground is wet in all the shots, but even dry its rare to see her touch the ground lol.

"Hey, I don't want to get my cute butt dirty or wet"!

Hee hee such a Basenji thing:rolleyes:

When my mum did obedience with her B's years back the training club floor was concrete so was very cold so she had to take a small piece of rubber matting for one of the b's to do her sits. She always lost points in competitions if it was on concrete or a cold floor for not doing a proper sit:rolleyes:

Hahah, what a funny lady! But Mody is doing the same on the wet or cold floor, I think it is very normal and inteligent thing from our basenjis - everybody know that is not healthy to sit on the cold ground:)

Haha, not quite the same as when they slouch and sit far back on their tail. That's reserved for sitting on the couch. They know to not do that on a cold or wet surface.

Looks like there is one thing for sure we all have in common. NO ground sitting.

Rita Jean


Otis is the same way. How funny..

Buana sits the same way.. Imagine your little butt will freeze off!!!

LOL!! Zip does that a lot. I have never seen Riley do it.

I call it "the hover".

I wonder wether it's an instinct thing, because the countries they originated from will have very hot ground?

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