Hello to all Basenji lovers

🙂 I have a 9 month old red/white boy. He is a very good boy not even close to all the bad stories i have heard. I guess it all about the breeder huh. I hope to help and be helped her and be part of the family.

Hello and welcome to the forum:D

Hi and welcome. Since you mentioned it, who is your boy's breeder? He might have relatives here on this board.

Welcome and what is your boy's name?

Rita Jean

HIs name is Kairo and i got him from Katie in Iowa.

Hi Kairo is katie a breeder in Iowa. I know Iowa is big but I lived in Iowa for a couple of years and knew a couple of breeders.

Rita Jean


Welcome Kairo, nice to have you here.
We would love to see pictures of your little wonder boy.
I have an 8 mo. old brindle boy named Otis, he was an angel until the day I said something about it here on the forum..then he stole a package of chicken stock out of the pantry and perceeded to chew a hole on the carton until it popped..word of advise..bite your tongue..LOL.

Welcome to our pack! Yes a picture or two would be nice. And yes I thought mine were perfect angels until one day …. 😃

First Basenji's

Hi! Welcome to the forum. Congrats on having such a good boy. Hope he stays that way!

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