A little bit of Gizmo. His first day home.

  • Well, sorry, I have been way to busy with Gizmo and have neglected in keeping you all up to date.

    Anyways, I have had him home since August 30th, and have been having a lot of fun and frustrating times with this little guy. :p

    Today we are going on a Puppy Class, were we will learn Clicker training, and hopefully get to socialize with some other puppies.

    Gizmo will be the youngest in the class, but I am sure he will be the star! 😃

    So here are 3 pics from this first day home. A friend of mine came over, and Gizmo warmed right up with him, feel asleep on his lap. Hehe.
    The last one, in the bag, is from 2 days ago.

    He is a bit heavy, and has a nice round tummy. Was the biggest of the litter.
    But I hope I can adjust his diet soon, he is starting to lose it a little. The guy acts like he is staving all the time! A REAL food crazed pup! Gets pretty cranky at times, and I have the bit marks to prove it! :rolleyes:

  • Aww Gizmo is adorable:D Hope you enjoy your puppy class:D

  • Thanks basi. Yeah, I am very happy. Enjoying my time with him a lot.

    I did to the mistake in letting him wander freely around the apartment the first 4 days. I then realized I should of kept him restrained to his "room". I am trying to get him get used to being in there, but it's not easy. I get a lot of puppy eye looks followed by little whimpers…such a manipulator! 😃

    I get A LOT of attention when we are outside (to hopefully poop), he has become very popular amongst the kids in our neighborhood. Other dog walkers have to stop when they see him, and ask me questions about what breed he is, etc etc. Most are totally awestruck by him. I am sure that Basenji popularity will rise around here soon.

  • Oh god! Sorry for the 2xpost, but Gizmo is currently sleeping, and had a bit of a rump towards his bed. Anyways, he plopped down in his messed up bed and feel asleep against the bars…look how funny he is!

    I had to control myself in not laughing so I didn't wake him. :p

  • Ha ha that pic is sooo cute bless him. I love some of the positions that they sleep in at this age:D

  • OMG.. that last pic is too funny!! 😃 😃 Puppy classes are great fun! Let us know how you guys are doing! 😃

  • Sooooo adorable!!!:)

  • Too cute…congrats on having him at home with you at last!!! Love that last pic...they can sleep in any sort of position at that age. :D:D:D

  • Houston

    Hw is absolutely adorable. Enjoy him and his fame, a lot of people stop and comment/ask about Otis as well, They are not very common in Houston, TX, and I love that. The last picture is adorable.
    Ps, I wouldn't worry about his weight yet, he still needs to grow lots, but it is just my opinion..

  • Ohhh Gizmo is very cute…

    The sleeping picture... 😃

  • He is so very cute. The sleeping picture is great but I like the one with the cup. See more of this to come.

    Rita Jean

  • This guy is sure to melt some hearts!

    Thanks for the pics


  • I am sitting here at work, bored to tears (as I am sure many of you are) reading the forum and them comes this picture –- LOVE IT! You just put a smile on m face. 🙂

  • Thanks, for the warm and uplifting comments so far guys!

    The class went great. Everyone, including the teacher, had to go "awwww" when they saw Gizmo.

    Gizmo was really quick picking up what was going on. I do believe, or maybe this is just what i wanted to see, that he learned slightly faster than the other older dogs. I guess it's them Basenji genes showing off!

    The class only lasted 1 hour (first class out of 7), but Gizmo was totally worn out. He fell asleep in my arms on the ride back home, didn't even try to move when i carried him inside to the apartment and placed him in his crate. Just a little satisfying "sigh" wheezed out of him when put him down, stretched out all four legs, looked up at me, and slowly went to sleep again.

    Ahh, what a trooper. I am so proud.

  • Houston

    Good to hear that his class went great. All tuckered out, that is a good thing of you own a basenji..

  • Great class went so well happy to hear that. So sweet when they are in your arm 's sleeping so special.

    Rita Jean

  • What a great picture - he is a lovely wee guy

  • Gizmo is so cute, love the pics. Keep them coming !
    Glad the puppy class went well 🙂

  • Ahhhhh, Gizmo is such a cute little thing - don't get too frustrated with his puppy stuff now - when he's bigger you'll be wondering what all the fuss was about.

  • You go Gizmo!
    Basenji puppies get popular with the kids. When I got my blk/wht Nika in 1994 at 3 months old these 4 little girls saw her in my front yard and that was it. They would come to my door and say "can Nika come out and play"? My front is fenced in by a pickett fence. They would throw a ball or her toy around to each other and Nika would charge at them and the little girls would scream and laugh.

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