New DC- Xander, DC Meisterhaus Deal or No Deal, SC, FCH. hot day for running in A

Xander and Trog had a great day running AR, Xander earned his final major and is now a DC.

Way to go nice job.

Rita Jean

WOOHOO…. congrats... that is super...

A big Congrats! A DC is a fine thing

Congratulations Lisa and kids. Love to hear the good works. Do you have pics?

Will post photos tues. One more day of AKC lc then a whippet only ASFA mon. Will be nice to get home


Huge congrats coming their way..awesome news.

Way to go, awesome Xander! It's beautiful to watch him run and he's a very deserving dog. It was a good week for the family, that was Roxie's 4th ASFA run, so she's now a Versatile Basenji. 🙂 I wish we could have watched the cousins run together, I'm sure that would have been a lovely sight. But with all the lure troubles and whatever was going on across the field, I guess we'll have to try again another time. lol

ongrats on the VB. Hopefully Xman gets his GRC this month and can apply for VB. Hopefully next summer we can run them together. Poor Trog those 4 starts on the AKC runs at the nationals wore him out.

Thanks. Yes, poor Trog earned a well deserved rest after that one! But it all worked out nice in the end. 🙂 I'm sure Xander will get that GRC right quick and join us on the list. Happy running!

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