• Following on from another thread, what nicknames do you give your dogs?

    My Benji is called Benjamin, Shagger, Tinkerpops, Pops, Popsy, Popsy Flopsy, Foxy Loxy, the list goes on.

    Nakura is called Sweetpea most of the time. She also answers to Pretty Girl, Precious etc

    Chance answers to Handsome, Handsome Chansome, Champy Chance

    Trouper is Poopyman, Pooper Scooper, Poopy, Superman etc etc.

    Dougie the BC is called Boogie Woogie, Dougal, The Boogie Man

    Megan (GSD) is called Smeg, Smeghead or Princess

    Tomsk (cat) is Buddy, Puss, Cat, Tonks

    Tobermory (cat (missing)) was Tubes, Tubs.


    Douglas (husband) answers to anything!!!!! 😃

  • 😃 Well Vicki, all those names certainly gave me a laugh.
    I realy thought it was just crazy me giving the pets lots of names untill i read Moetmums reply on the other thread.
    Benji was also called Booboosh, Bullrush and nuby.
    Our big Dog Max is rather deprived and only has a few additional names, Maximo, maximum, Chief and Fatboy.
    Tom the Cat is also called Tomsk, O'Malley and John Tom.
    Jerry is sometimes called Jezz.:D

  • what a laugh. im always a bit embarassed about the nicknames we give ours, but here goes:

    Tilly get Tillyhoodlum (a local pub is called the Tillytudlum..) Missenji, and B*ggerlugs.

    Tess is called Miss Tickle (think about it…..)

    Humphrey is the Humphmeister, or Humper, for obvious reasons

    Ona is Ona Banona. Or more frequently The Mad B*tch (which really describes her to a tee)

    the cats dont have nicknames.

  • Houston

    I love all y'alls names..

    Otis goes by No-Otis, african hound( when he has done something not so cool)..my little love butt
    Gus, the dachshund goes by wiener, chubby, sweetie
    Luna, the Schnorkie, goes by Luna Panoonah Banka after Saturday Night Live skit with Eddie Murphy as Buh-weet..song is Una Paloma Blanca.

  • Buddy goes by NO!, Stop it! Good dog! Drop it! Hey! and Bud.

  • Zuki - a/k/a Princess Pie, P-Dot, Puddles, Bubbles, Iron Jaws, Dubs, Zucchini-Weenie, Suzuki

    Zak - a/k/a Cheese, Cheese-Louise, Dinkle-Dorf, Buds, Goof-Ball, Dorkus

  • Great thread Vicky!
    Milo is nightmare, pest, wee boy.
    Luke is Lukey, Lukes, wee man! (he is huge) spooky (he is a big scaredy cat) handsome
    Kris is Big boy, baby boy, Krissy
    Spice (cat), Spicekins, spicey.
    Brian is Brian or grumpy 🙂


  • Shiba - Spice - Spicey or Spice Girl
    Pom - Bolts - Bo Bo
    Akita - Sterling - Mr.Poppie (The day we got him a mile from breeder he did something in my car.)
    Cat - Sir Duke - Dukie
    Bird - Sweetpea - Pee-Pee or Sweet
    Jaycee - Just Cus - Turd (The day she went with Steve to gas station and gave the BMW her little present in the back seat.)

    Rita Jean

  • Yoshi is Yoshinoya Beef Bowl (local fast-food chain),That Basenji, What the F**k?!, Good Boy, and Cat-Dog.

  • :D:D:D:D:D This thread is soooo funny

  • This is a great thread. Start day off right with a good laugh.

    Rita Jean

  • There's a Nick Names thread, 4 threads down in the Naming Your Puppy section that has nicknames from members going back to 2007 - some of those are pretty good as well. Or click here…


  • Thank you for old thread that was great. Lots of food for thought now. I see new names comming.

    Rita Jean

  • My daughter says if she had two she would name them.

    Trouble and Maker. So when she yelled it was always correct Trouble Maker.

    Not to sure about nicknames.

    Rita Jean

  • Houston

    We always said "next time we get dogs lets name them after vacuum cleaners..like Hoover, Sharp, Kirby and the like.." they do make sure crumbs gets taken care of right..?

  • Tim - Timmy Tubby, Waaart, Mr Man, D**k Head (hubbys name for him, not mine!), Son, Sickboy.

    Molly - Molly Moo, Moo Moo, Noodle, Soppy Moo, Molly Muddle Head, Stinker Moo (after her fondness for rolling in 'stuff'!)

    Elsa - Madam, Sweet Pea, Pea Pod, Witch, Sweetheart, Swelsa.

    Dora - Dora The Explorer, The Midget, Midget Gem, Petit Pois.

    Rocco - The Boy, A***hole, Handsome Man, Prat, Matey, Marra, Naughtiest Puppy In The World (and he is!). He must think his name is Roccono!! 😃

  • @Basenjimamma:

    We always said "next time we get dogs lets name them after vacuum cleaners..like Hoover, Sharp, Kirby and the like.." they do make sure crumbs gets taken care of right..?

    That has reminded me, Tim gets called Timmy Dyson too! 😃

  • Poppy is mainly called Pops, and sometimes Poppet.

  • Too funny indeed. I love it that everyone seems to have nicknames for their babies.
    Seren Jane is also know as "Girlie"

  • First Basenji's

    These are great! I'm glad I'm not the only one with crazy nicknames for my boys!

    Moe - MoMoe or Baby

    Cody - Codyboy, Bubby (I tried to say baby and buddy at the same time, and it stuck), Bubbs, His Royal Grumpyness, Mr. Grumblebutt, and Grumpypants (he's not really grumpy, but the only noise he makes is a grunt or grumble).

    When they are both in the very back yard playing, they also answer to "Boys" when I call them.

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