Hello Forum

I am new to the site and I am looking to get a Basenji puppy this fall/winter. If anyone knows of any good Breeders in Canada that they could recommend I appreciate it .

I currently have two Border Collies and thought a B would be a great addition to our pack.

Welcome to the forum. How about checking the Basenji Club of Canada breeders directory for starters.


thanks, I have emailed several of them but was looking for someone to recommend someone they have had experience with first hand. 🙂

Welcome to the forum:)

Welcome to the forum:D


Welcome to the forum, I bet you can't wait for a Basenji to join yor pack.

Welcome welcome.. We have a few Canadians here, I'm sure someone will get back to you. You might try posting in the Breeders thread. 🙂

Thank you everyone I will try posting in the breeder area.

Welcome M_Canadian,

We recently adopted an older (3) dog from Beaubri B's. They were previously in B.C. but now are in PEI. Leo is one special boy, (aren't they all :p). They are very careful about where they place their B's, which is very smart for this breed.

How is living with Border Collies?



It is very interesting living with Border Collies. They have very very independent minds and are sometimes too smart for their own good. haha

You never know what they are going to think of doing next.

Hi, welcome to the forum

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