• I am so sorry Trouper has come back affected, at least you know and can be vigilant.

  • Vicki,
    All the family will be saddened by Trouper's result - It doesn't stop him being the fabulous dog he is and at least with responsible owners such as yourself, he will have the best possible chance of a full and active life.

    Thinking of you,


  • Thanks Alan. Trouper really is such a good boy and I'm sure your kids enjoyed holding his lead etc at the show last weekend. 🙂

  • They sure did - we have told eveyone about how he jumped up on the chair next to another lady and proceeded to stare into her bag and see if there was anything of interest in there as well as keep a close eye on that stick of rock my youngest was holding!

    It was probarbly nothing to seasoned owners but it was the first real life demonstration of that fearless and inquisitive nature! A delight!

    Speak soon,


  • I'm so sorry to read this about Trouper. Hopefully it will be a very long time before he has any symptoms.

  • Houston

    I am very sorry to hear about Troupers result. Hopefully he will never develop the ailment or it will be long before he does. I am very glad to hear that Benji's results came back good though..

  • Happy for your good news and I am sorry about the other but good news is you know and are ready. Can you go and look at www.onlynaturalpetsore.com they have a item called Only Natural Pet Kidney Support Plus says will help maintain optimal kidney function balance urine PH and mineral levels. Take a look never know.

    Rita Jean

  • Sorry about Trouper but pleased for you regarding Benji's results. What mixed feelings you must have. I hope at least with all the great support from the folk on this forum, you will cope well with whatever comes along.

  • Sorry to hear about Trouper's result.. 😞

  • Vicki,

    I am so sorry to hear your news about Trouper. At least it was good news about Benji.


  • Vicki, thanks for letting us know. We have decided we will test Kura and will let you know how we get on & when we have ordered. Gutted for your result on her brother Trouper. Will keep in touch x Lisa & Kura x

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