Hey, I am a new member and wanted to say hello. My name is Elizabeth and I have two Basenji mixes. Our first is Willow (tri-colored) she will be three at the end of the month and we got her back in NC. We got her from a shelter, where they said she was a German Sheppard, Rat Terrier mix. After taking her to my family vet, she told us she was a basenji mix and we started doing research. YUP, she sure is! Once we moved to Colorado two years ago, we wanted to get her a playmate and that is how we came upon Barkley. We started getting involved with the Colorado Basenji Rescue and saw Barkley on their website. He had a broken leg but we just had to have him so we rescued him in Feb of this year. They say he is 1.5 - 2 years old. We have become very fond of the breed and look forward to being about of this group!

Welcome Elizabeth, Willow and Barkley, i'm sure you will enjoy it here:)


Welcome to all of you. You will love it here, lots to read, laugh and marvel about..

Welcome, there is always lots going on here enjoy. Smile at us all when we growl at ourselves and between us.

Rita Jean

Welcome Elizabeth, Willow and Barkley! Post some pictures, we love to see pictures.

Welcome to the coolest forum on the web!

Welcome to the forum!

Welcome to our pack! You'll find lots of information and funny stories here.

Denver Area Basenji play group

Hey!!! Did you say you're from Colorado and looking for a play mate? I live in Littleton which is near Denver and I also looking for a play mate for my Basenji Boy Sirius who is thirteen. Pleaaase shoot me an email I would sososososo love to meetup with you!!!

Can we see some photos of your b-mixes?

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