• I just wanted to let you all know that im getting my baby boy Oden in the next 3 or 4 weeks. we still dont know which one he is as our breeder is still picking between 2 as one will be going to a show home and one to us, but i did go see the puppies on the weekend and held both puppies that could be my potential new furbaby, they were all absolutly gorgeous and mum has the best nature.
    Sweet Sweet puppy breath.

    Pics of the 2 boys that our breeder is choosing from.


  • OMG they are all so cute! Both boys are just darling. Honestly, is anything cuter than basenji pups????

  • Right on MacPack - I don't think there is much of anything cuter! They're all so precious, you'll win no matter which one you end up with, Katrina02! Congratulations!

  • Basenji puppies = can't resist.

  • I love the second picture. The poor mommy. She's probably thinking "Oh great, they have teeth now!"

  • Hi again Katrina02,

    I dont have to start a new thread for us, I can just highjack yours now 😃 😃

    I recognise those pics, and the gorgeous Electra, I can also see my little girl in there too 😉

    I am very jealous about you getting to Kylies place, and holding and patting them, I will have to wait till she arrives down here till I can do that :(… I cant wait, and Im soooo excited... I bet you had the chance to pat my little girl too...

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh puppy breath, again Im insanely jealous :p:p

  • i wonder if she was the one who body slammed one of the other pups haha

    ive got some more pics i took on the weekend so will have to get them off my camera and upload them i may have some of your girl

    the puppy breath was so good my boyfriend never understood what i was going on about until sunday and both myself and Kylie were saying how good it is haha

    Electra is beautiful she kept coming over and checking on us to make sure her babies were okay she is such a loverly dog and apparently dad has been shipped to italy and is doing great over there. i also heard he is a bit of a climber hope that characteristic doesnt come out in my baby

  • No way would that have been my little princess who goes around body slamming, surely not 😃

    Im always up for more pics… I have some here that Kylie sent me on Sunday, I think, but, Im really quite computer illiterate, so I have to wait till OH finishes night duty, till I can post them :o Bit pathetic really... I hope you do have some of my little poppet... I love the name you have given your boy, Oden. Does it have a special meaning ???

    Cos my girl hs the big 'V', on her neck, we are going to give her a name starting with V, just perusing all the name sites, websites, to find an unusual name for her...

    Is your boyfriend a 'puppy breath' convert now ??? Surely, he must be 😃

    Tinker, (Dad...), has done very well in Italy... As far as I know, he is unbeaten for Best Of Breed, (meaning he is the best Basenji, in that judges eyes, on that day) and has won a few Best In Groups, and I think a Runner-up Best In Show, (meaning he was the second best dog/bitch, of all the breeds there on the day, at that show...). So I think Kylie, and his new owner, (also his previous WA owner, as well), would be very proud of his achievements in the showring. I think his first show in Italy, was 2-3 days out of Quarantine too... A very well adjusted young man... He also did well in the showring here in Aus as well.

    We dont do climbers here either !!! Mind you we do have a 10 foot high fence, and so far, (touch wood :)...), we have only had Ochre squeeze through the wire, twice, and thank Dog, she came straight up to the house :o. We live in a rural area, on 13 acres... It was our fault, both times, cos we left her in the run, (with Saba), when she was little enough to still squeeze herself through the wire... Mind you, the cheekylittle thing, in true B fashion, had been down at the run for quite some time, showing NO interest in getting out, then the day we left her without humans watching her, was the 2 days she got out... TYPICAL hey ???

    Gosh this has ended up being a bit of an epic ⭕o:o... I could talk B's all day every day...

  • Gosh this has ended up being a bit of an epic ⭕o:o… I could talk B's all day every day...

    No bother, you are not alone in your passion here. I love reading all the posts here, epic or not.:):):)

  • Glad to hear that someone doesnt mind reading all my twaddle…

    Poor Kylie just got one of these epics on Monday, but, I did warn her if she hasnt heard from me for a few days, she is likely to get an epic from me... The poor bugger... She must sigh heavily and take a Panadol, before she even attempts the epic, I think 😃⭕)

  • Oh how gorgeous and how exciting for you Katrina02 and Saba. I love the pics of Electra feeding the pups with her eyes closed in contentment and also the ones of her frowning down at them 🙂

  • Houston

    Katarina02 and Saba…i am insanily jealous...they are adorable. Oh, the wait must be killing you..
    As far as names Oden is very cool and different, I like it..and V..hmm what names are you thinking about..?

    And yes I love the epic lenght stories..more fun to read, keep'em coming.

  • What adorable puppies…..!!!!!!!! WANT....ONE...... 😉 😃 :rolleyes:

  • how cute!!!
    from which breeder and combination are these lovely pups?

  • @ibi_n_sane:

    how cute!!!
    from which breeder and combination are these lovely pups?

    I believe it's Wazazi 🙂

  • well we picked the name Oden because it was the only name we could actually agree on as my boyfriend was more interested in naming him after a basketball player.
    The meaning of the name comes from the Norse mythodology and means the God of war. However its spelt Odin so we changed the spelling. the meaning doesnt really matter we just like the name and it is different and unique.

    ive always like the name Veisha…..

    im not quite sure if my boyfriend is converted to puppy breath yet but he doesnt think im strange anymore, i think he thought i was the only one in the world who thought puppy breath was awesome but now he knows im not lol

    well we have just built a brand new house and are waiting on our move in date hence why we are pushing back the date of when we will bring oden home by a week or 2 and we have the usual timber fences which i think are about 6 foot so i hope they will be high enough to deter any climbing although i dont think ill be leaving my baby outside without supervision ever i couldnt think of anything worse than coming home from owrk and he not be where i left him total freak out!!!

    im so excited to have my first basenji....i dont think ive ever read so much about basenjis and puppys ever...i dont want to screw anything up 🙂

  • @ibi_n_sane:

    how cute!!!
    from which breeder and combination are these lovely pups?

    These gorgeous babies are most definately Wazazi puppies 🙂

    Mum is Aust Ch Wazazi Awesome Glamour, and Dad is Aust Ch, Italian and San Remino Ch, (Im not 100% on the correct sspelling or wording of his last title :o), Wazazi Tinker Tailor ET. He was exported to Italy ealy in the year…

  • I think I must be very lucky, cos my hubby basically lets me choose all the dogs names, ACD's and B's. I do sort of run the main contenders by him, but, if I really want it, and he doesnt like it, I just keep saying the name in every conversation, till he likes it ;););)

    I wish you hadnt mentioned the name Veisha, (is it pronounced Veesha ???), cos I really like it 😃

    It wont be long till your boyfriend comes around to the gorgeous puppy breath, Im sure… How could anyone not...

    So it actually sounds like I might get my little bundle of joy, before you, then :p:p I reckon thats you being punished for going up and seeing the bubba's !!! Seriously though, I think that would nearly kill me, having to wait longer than everyone else, knowing they have their pups and you have to wait a bit longer to bring him home :(:( I hope you dont have any long delays in the move in date...

    It will probably take a while for you to feel comfortable in leaving Oden in the backyard, B or not. I always worry with new dogs coming here, that they will get out of our runs too. I still refuse to leave the property with the B's in the run. I will only leave my older, trusworthy ACD's. At the moment we also have a boarder, and I wont leave her out either... Couldnt live with myself if something happened, and there was no-body home...

    I also did tons of reading, (still am...), researching, learning etc, etc, before Saba came here. I was told by someone, that you can read all you like in learning about the B's, but, you will only TRUELY learn about them, once they live with you... Oh how true these words were :D:D

  • Houston

    oh, listen too you both sounding soo excited. I am thrilled for the both of you..soon you'll have'em both..

    Saba, how about Vita…means life in latin.

  • Ohhhhhh thats VERY spooky Basenjimamma…

    I was just talking to Kylie last night, and she was going to have Wazazi Italian ....... as the theme of this litter. Last night she was wondering if she should change it to Wazazi Latin ....., whatever..............

    Now you have come up with the name Vita, which would be so appropriate, and I really love it :D:D

    Mmmmmmmmmmmmm, this little girl might have to learn a few names, dont think I can decide on one only :p:p:p:p

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