Waterproof coats

I have always had problems getting a waterproof coat to fit my basenji. To get them deep enough in the body, they're always too big/long and whippet coats aren't small enough. Does anyone have any suggestions or should I just get one made-to-measure?

Hi Noodle. I get mine from Country Mun. They are quite expensive but fit the Bs really well. I do have to roll up the legs a little for Nakura.

Also, I bought a very similar one at SKC a few years ago, not sure what stand but I can have a look for you if you want.

Tillo has a Hurtta jacket, size 36 I believe. I think it has a great fit. He can curl his tail over it, so it isn't too long and it is tight enough 🙂

wow, that's one smart looking jacket! Gonna make a note of that one.

Yeah looks great! I've got her a size 36 Hurtta one at the moment (a different style) but I have to pad it out by putting a jumper on her underneath it to get it tight enough!!
Tillo - such a handsome boy! 🙂

I got several coats from carealotpets.com. Her favorite is below which is warm and waterproof and great for cold weather. I have had to modifying some of them.

Faux Suede Shearling Pet Coat
Item # 6200B

Faux Suede Shearling Coat is fully lined with Sherpa fleece and a wide Sherpa collar which keeps your pet warm in the coldest weather. Features 3/4 length back coverage with lots of detailing and a Velcro belly belt. 100% polyester. Can be machine laundered

Maya has a wax jacket. I love it. I will say that it doesnt fit her perfectly as it was actually bought for my pugs at Crufts a few years ago, so wasnt fitted to Maya at all, but that considered, its not bad at all. It was fairly expensive, about ?40 i think, but is a proper, genuine wax jacket so 100% waterproof and i love it! 😃 Pugs are also supposed to have a square shape so that could be why it fits ok!


Well I got to chime in..I love these coats y'all. I wonder if Otis needs one…?

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