Recommendation for dog coat?

  • Well, we escaped Los Angeles and are now camped out in Portland … and it's FREEZING here!! (50 degrees and rainy) Poor Ziggy is shivering like mad when I take him outside.

    Any recommendations for an online dog supply company that sells dog coats? And I mean really warm coats!



    The Z-Pack: Zen, Zoe, and Ziggy

  • for really warm coats i HIGHLY recommend Fido Fleece, they have a full chest covering. Sit Stay has them for great prices but a more limited selection.. The Fido Fleece web site has more choices (but unlike sitstay the price changes with the size). I know most people back off because they are $30 each, but IT WAS the best $30 I spent (I actually ordered another one from sitstay after I got the first) because Tiggy loved it so much, they are very durable, easy on/off machine washable with your everyday clothes and don't shrink

  • Oh yea Tiggy wears a size 14

  • Montana Dogwear has been highly recommended by others, we don't use them down here.
    They have a tail notch for the basenji and I have heard they fit well.
    Anne in Tampa

  • My girl does not like coats she has to put her legs into so she has a coat from She has the faux suede sherling coat which keeps her warm in idaho winters and is also waterproof. Karen


  • Zip has a waterproof Montana Dog Ware coat. Xmas present, whoohoo. I'm sort of happy with it. The fleece is a thick fleece. It's a little on the big side, the XXXS. But that means there's room to put on a sweater underneath if need be. It's also a little big length wise so when it's been on her a little while it winds up folding over at her tail just slightly and I have to sort of readjust it on her body to get it to sit flat. I also think it rubs her shoulders some and it has caused a small dime-size bald spot on one side. I only saw that happen when she was wearing the coat alot. It grew back in quickly.
    I recommend asking what the "coordinating print fleece" around the neck is when/if you order one because well, Zip's other mom calls her drag queen dog when she has the coat on. It's red and black leopard print. Yeeeeeah. I wouldn't have chosen that myself. Despite the print, the turtleneck is nice because you can bring the fleece up closer to their ears if it's real cold and there's an opening for the leash. I haven't put it thru the wash yet so I don't know how well it would hold up. I think the waterproof exterior is nice to have, especially since your final destination up there is Seattle, right? The coat was also pretty pricey (which is why it was an xmas gift!). Zip should be set for a loooooooong time coat wise.

  • From Sit/Stay, I can say that these would be very good… made like a horse blanket ....... they stay put and are easily adjusted...

  • I just ended up making my own. Do you have a sewing machine?

  • If you can sew it's not that hard to make a decent one. I did this one for EL D …

  • My previous posting didn't seem to get the image included (I have always had problems posting pictures) - you can see it in my member gallery.

  • and it's FREEZING here!! (50 degrees and rainy)

    Come visit Chicago. It was in the 40's and people were out in shorts!

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