• moved in today. He is a 6 Yr old neutered, deaf cat. His former owners had to give him away due to massive allergic reactions of the husband. He almost had asthmathic cramps which got more and more relevant.

    As we do have enough space and a safely fenced "cat garden", he was very welcome to stay with us.

    Right now, he is getting to know our other cats and I hope that he will get along well with them.


  • Oh, he is so beautiful! I love white cats, especially with blue eyes. Long ago, I worked in a pet food store that had the BEST stray cat who adopted us. We called him "white kitty"…original, huh? He was HUGE. I am so glad Frosty found you!

  • Frosty is gorgeous, so pleased you can offer him a home

  • Frosty is so-so cute! Looks like he's got a pleasing personality. Kudo's to you for taking this little one. His eyes say about everything. Great picture!

  • Frosty is beautiful! Are you keeping him separated for now from the Bs or they get along fine?

  • Beautiful cat thank you for giving it a home. Good luck

    Rita Jean

  • I have to keep the cats separated from the dogs as we do not have anymore any cats which know how to behave with dogs. They are running from the dogs and in this split second the dogs start hunting them. This is a bit too dangerous for my guts. But we do have enough space here to have them comfortably separated and the cats have their own private little garden with direct access to the house…


  • What a beautiful cat. I also have not been able to get my cats and Basenji to live in harmony together. All the dobermanns are fine with the cats, but Tilly has such a strong chase instinct - the cats automatically run - and this just makes her worse. So the cats live in a separate part of the house now - its a shame because the are both getting on a bit (one 12, one 15) but I know that some dogs just never settle down with cats. Much as i love my siamese, i think when these two go it will have to be a cat free household if i am to have any more Basenji.

  • We also have 15 year old cat. Jaycee and Sir Duke do pretty good together how ever I am with you after Sir is gone we will be cat free house. With that having been said I hope my Sir lives to be in is twenty's.

    Rita Jean

  • What a lovely cat, purrrrfect!

    We have two black cats, Sooty and Sweep (they were my nieces, we took them in at 16 months old when she was divorced and couldn't keep them, she named them, honestly!) they are 18 years old now and we have never trusted any of our dogs with them, we are also lucky enough to have room to do this. Sooty is totally deaf as well now and yells at the top of his voice because he can't hear himself!

  • Frosty is lovely. I adore cats as well as dogs. My cat Spice is 12years old and doesn't really mind Milo too much, she rules the house as far as the Ridgebacks are concerned though. Milo just can't resist trying to bite her tail which doesn't go down too well with Spice.

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