• Today we had an international show in Berghem. Tillo did well. 🙂
    He became first in youthclass with an Excellent and Reserve Best Male, earning his fourth JCAC and his second Rec-CAC.
    Judge was Mr. N. Huber from the US and this was his report:

    17 months. Nice head, nice dark eye, good earplacement. Good topline. Good depth of chest for age.
    Good feet. Moves nicely comming and going.

    Some pics (I wasn't wearing the flip-flops when Tillo was being judged..:o)

    Tillo warming up 😉 (doesn't he look cute 😃 :D)

    Free stack

    Tillo in a hurry..

    On the table


    Last Sunday we had a show as well. It was a young dog show (9-24 months). Tillo did ok. He only had some trouble with two of the male judges, because he was full of adrenaline.. there was another dog in the ring going absolutely crazy towards his neighbour.. The judges weren't allowed to touch Tillo's testicles after that..:rolleyes:

    This didn't effect his placements though. Tillo was first in the first round. Second in the second round. Didn't need to enter the third. Was first in the fourth round (being judged by the two male judges he growled at :eek:) and fourth in the fifth round. Second in the sixth round and in the seventh round he needed to be placed sixth to go the the next round.. but he was placed seventh.. We couldn't care less.. because that was SIX hours after we entered the first round…......

    Here some pics:

    I'm glad we have a break from all the showing now…. :rolleyes:

  • Well done Tillo, enjoy the break! There are some lovely pictures there.

  • He's a Star! Well done!

  • Well done Tillo and you:D He is looking nicer every time I see him:D

  • Thanks all! 😃

    Good to hear he's still looking nicer.. Hope he won't stop doing that 😉

  • Houston

    As usual, Tillo is beautiful. Berghem, where is that?

  • @Basenjimamma:

    As usual, Tillo is beautiful. Berghem, where is that?

    Thank you. Berghem is in the Netherlands. Try maps.google.com 😉 😃

  • Well done Tillo. You're a very handsome young man!! 🙂

  • Houston

    Thanks Janneke, I was wondering, because I grew up outside of Berghem, Sweden…and it looked so familiar, but now I know.

  • Congrats! The lovely Tillo does it again!

  • Well done Tilo!


  • Yay Tillo!

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