Sad News…

Sorry about loss. Never owned a pup but she is pretty.

Rita Jean

I'm sorry to hear that. We had a Maltese Poodle that had seizures when I was 12 that had to be euthanized. He got hit by a car then had seizures after that. Also one of my Basenjis had them occasionally for a few years then they stopped. The vet said that because she would get so wired up and excited that her brain's electrodes would misfire. She calmed down over time.

Sorry to hear about Jovis mum, she was pretty.

Thank you for the replies everyone.

she had only turned 4, bless her. Thats no age at all really..

Sorry to hear that…. 4 is way to young to lose them.... hope that the post shows what happened

I'm so sorry.. 4 is way too young..


I am so sorry for that poor pug. She was a beauty. I hope they find the cause so you won't need to worry anymore.

I'm sorry to hear this. I hope it's nothing congenital that could be passed on.

Jess, I am so sorry to hear that! Hopefully it's nothing that will affect Jovi, fingers crossed.

That's awfull Jess…

I'm so sorry for the breeder and everyone who's going miss her...

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