• Hello,

    I just adopted a 5 year old tri-colour female Basenji. She seems quite sweet and isn't bothered by my kitten and is good with other dogs and people.

    We're just getting to know each other and hopefully this is the start of a great new relationship!

    See you soon!

    Livia and Casey

  • Welcome…we have a lot of wonderful people and lots of knowledge on this forum.
    Show us some photos when you have a chance and tell us all about how you came to love this wonderful basenji breed.

  • Livia and Casey welcome we are also really new to the forum lots to see and learn it is really nice. Thank you for saving and caring about B I know your going to love her and have lots and lots of fun.

    Rita Jean

  • Houston

    Welcome, and good for you for adopting a Basenji girl….and especially good for her. both of you will have so much fun for many years to come...


  • welcome Livia and Casey, lucky you adopting a Basenji, you will have lots of fun and no doubt fall in love with the breed.

  • Hi Liv!
    Nice to see you on here now 🙂
    I wondered when you were going to 'show' your face!!

    I hope that your girl turns out to be all that you expected and more 🙂
    Don't hesitate to ask questions…
    that is just the way to learn from those who have been there.

  • Welcome to the forum!

  • Thnx for joining this wonderful Basenji Community !!! Lots of answers to find for all your questions ! Please send us some pictures of your girlie 😃

  • Welcome at the forum!!!

  • Welcome to our pack! And congratulations on your adoption!

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