Oval racing video

I would like to share with you. Two videos from the oval racing. On the first (basenji finale kolin) Aki had white colour and was on the second place. The second video (pojizerske derby) there were 6 basenjis on the start! Aki leaved the box the last (the yellow colour). He got 4. place.


Great videos! Thanks for sharing!

very cool, nice videos!

Thanks very much for sharing. I'm starting Gossy on racing (we'll do straight line first) and had not yet seen an oval race.

Very cool! That's not what is looks like here.

That's a complete track, not oval.

Here we use an empty field, with some tape on light poles to mark off the oval.

Well, that's actually an oval. lol What you're thinking of is the U-val that most clubs use. The races I've been to are like yours, a taped off field. We're not blessed to have a race track around here either but down in FL they use one for NOTRA, and I believe it's a dirt track. I know two of my pups have run on it.

It's a horrible video, but this is our track in IN. He did put up the snow fencing for the national just to head off any possible trouble makers. Jerry has whippets and I think keeps the track up a good part of the year in one of his pastures to train on.


That's a pretty good video Kelli.

It is a special track for whippets and greyhounds. Basenjis with licence can run there too. If you want to see very cool racing photos the link is here http://basenjisport.rajce.idnes.cz/

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