• Okay, so Lexi is REALLY good with commands. We just rescued Miles about a week and a half ago. He needs some work. Here are last week's videos and this week's videos. Lexi is a spaz and wants to do all her tricks at once… sit, lie down, roll over, speak, fives, etc. Miles just wants the treat. Getting them to be in-sync is a challenge. I think Miles has ADD...hahahaha...JK. He is such a sweet boy. I'm just glad they don't try to kill each other over them!! 🙂 Enjoy...

    Week One with Miles- It was really funny because Miles just couldn't help himself. You could see him looking at the treats going back and forth thinking of how badly he wanted them. Then he caved. It was TOO cute... and then he fell over in joy. hahahahah And then there's sweet little Lexi who is so focused and obedient.

    Week Two with Miles

  • wow that is great progress! what nicely behaved Bs. kudos on training miles!

  • We're working on him. Ideally he will become more like Lexi where he stops looking at the treat and maintains eye contact with me instead. And they did REALLY well on the handsfree leash/splitter I tried them on today.

  • Well done B…............you have them where you want them.:)

  • Thanks for the videos. Nice work.

  • And they did REALLY well on the handsfree leash/splitter I tried them on today.

    Which brand did you get?? I've been looking into getting one of these. If they EVER learn to not pull.

    YOu're very good!! This is really impressive. I wish I had more time to really work with both of mine.

  • Here's the latest video… Too bad Miles is getting better and Lexi's getting crazier!! hahahaha... JK... They are both doing fine!

  • July 2007 - Progress. 🙂

  • VERY nice!!!

  • WOW! That was great! My guys are at the first lesson! LOL

  • Amazing the way they are looking at you and not the treat 🆒

  • When can I bring my 2 over for your to train??? You have made it look so easy.

  • That's when you know you've accomplished something- when they look at YOU and not the treat. Miles still has some work. Lexi is pretty flawless. She learned it from our Dobie. 😉

    It just takes consistency. And to be pretty stern when they "mess up"… although most of the time I just had to laugh. Especially after Miles would snatch it and then flop over. 🙂

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