Agility Video
Basenji Mix

I'm impressed! Rally and Rio are so obedient and paying attention. You're doing a great job with them, Lisa. Thanks for sharing these vids.

Ah! The power of food! All I can say is Kudos to you! I can barely get Rocky to remember I'm attached to the leash let alone commands off line. Kudos!

That's really great! I really want to do that with Jack- I think he would have so much fun! He already uses the living room as an agility course- lol!

Agility is so much fun. My dogs really enjoy it.

I also plan on doing agility with Dallas 🙂 They look like they are having a great time! When do the competitions start for them?

I have been a bit of chicken about entering a competition. I think I am going to give one a try either this May or June. I am going to start in CPE because their level 1 should be a good place for me the novice handler and Rio my novice dog.

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